Information Technology - New Employee Requested IT Services

New Employee IT Services

Welcome to Fort Lewis College. Information Technology has compiled this list of IT services that may require action on your part to utilize.

  1. Do you need access to a departmental share? - Many departments have shared drives that they use to share information within the department. Your supervisor may request access to the drive by emailing the name of the drive and your username to
  2. Do you need access to a shared network departmental printer? - Access to departmental printers is limited to those working within the department. Your supervisor may request access for you by emailing the printers name and your username to
  3. Do you need Banner privileges? - We need specific information from you to set up a Banner account. Please have your supervisor fill out our form at to ensure we receive the correct information.
  4. Do you need privileges to print in the computer labs? - All printers in the computer labs are on the pay for print system. You may request an arrears account that allows you to print in the labs. Your charges accumulate for the month and then are charged to the budget code you specify when you request the arrears account. To request an account go to
  5. Do you need a long distance code? - making long distance calls from a campus telephone requires that you enter a long distance authorization code. This code is tied to a budget that you specify. Request a long distance code at the AskIT Portal.
  6. Do you need to add/change a telephone/voicemail? - If you are filling a previously existing position it is likely that a telephone already exists in your office. In this case please send an email to to request that the name be changed and the voicemail be reset. Use the add services form at to request a new telephone.

Our IT website has many other IT services and perks that you may explore at We encourage all new employees to review our IT Overview document at

Remember - IT personnel will never ask for your password. Please do not share your password with anyone!