Public Mailboxes

Public mailboxes are shared mailboxes. Here are some things to consider before requesting a public mailbox:

Mailbox Name: What will your mailbox be named? This is the name that will appear in the public mailbox list in Outlook.

Email Address: What email address will be associated with your mailbox? Consider an address that is easy to remember and is related to either your department name or the function of the mailbox.

Owner: Who will be the owner of the mailbox? The owner is responsible for all change requests to IT regarding the mailbox. The owner is responsible for adding new members.

Members: Who will be given access to the mailbox. Please know their username before proceeding.

Account Types: There are two different account types for members: Reviewer & Editor. Reviewers can read the emails sent to the public mailbox, but cannot respond to them. The Editor can both read and respond to the emails sent to the public mailbox.

Send-As Permissions: Send-as permissions allow a person to send on behalf of the public mailbox. 

After considering the above items, use the AskIT portal to request a public mailbox.