This morning 3/1/2012 FLC came under a spear phishing attack from the Internet.   It is in the form of an e-mail  which looks like it originates from FLC accounts and asks for you to login.  They have copied our CAS login page and it looks very authentic.   However if you look at the URL it will not be  It will be something like   Notice that it does not start with


The current message contains the subject: “New Secure Message Regarding Your Fort Lewis College Webmail.”    Do not reply or click on the links.  Please be aware that the message may change.  If in doubt don’t click, you can always ask the IT Call center at x7444 or e-mail


If you think you have entered your username and password, please change your password immediately and notify or call 247-7444 and report it.  The IT department will help to evaluate if any personal or college information has been accessed.