Procedures for Implementation


As of January 30, 2004 we have over 150 software packages incorporated into our lab image. It has become necessary to manage the installation and uninstallation of these packages. The Deans are in a better position to analyze the software requests by professors. In the past  Information Technology bought software when funds were available and denied requests when funds were not available. The new system gives us a more comprehensive way to assess the needs of the entire campus and make decisions based on prioritized needs rather than fund availability.

A designated institutional budget exists to fund department specific and multi-department software.  This budget is jointly administered by the Deans and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Information Technology funds general use software.

  1. Management of Software
    • Instructional Technology Manager will provide a list of software to be expired during the following fiscal year to the Deans group annually on October 1st. (For example: October 1st, 2004 list will be software that will expire in the fiscal year July1, 2004 to June 30, 2005.)
    • The software will be renewed or expire according to the group’s decision.
    • Requests for software additions to the general use list should be directed to the Director of Information Technology.
  2. Software Requests
    • Requests for new software are to be directed to (1) Instructional Technology Manager to determine costs, compatibility, etc. and (2) the administering group for a decision on funding.
  3. Software Installation