Information Technology - Student Printing and Copying

Student Printing and Copying

Lab Printing

We have a pay-for-print system in the computer labs. Students are given a print quota each semester they are enrolled. Once that balance is exhausted, the system will deduct from Skycash.

  • There are 37 computer labs with printing available
  • The printers are defaulted to black & white and two-sided 
  • $0.05 per black & white page
  • $0.15 per color page
  • Plotters available for posters or other large prints
  • New! Print to all lab printers from anywhere                                

Residence Hall Printing

  • There are 33 printers placed throughout the Residence Halls
  • Print to all Residence Hall printers from anywhere
  • Save on color prints in the Residence Halls at $0.10 per page 


  • The copier and scanner in EBH is available for students. Make copies and scan documents to your email.
  • The copier is black & white only (scans to email in color)
  • $0.04 per copied page
  • $0.01 per scanned page