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FLC Supported Printers
For Printer purchases, please send a request to

If you are looking for a local printer, let us know and we will help you purchase a recommended model.

If you need a new network printer, then we will have to consult with you. We have joined a managed printer service and we hope to standardize all new network printers on this program.

What is Managed Print Services?

In November 2015, Fort Lewis College entered into a 5 year contract with a company to provide Managed Print Services. The company charges the College per print and for that per print charge we are guaranteed:

  • All Ink cartridges are delivered to Central Stores, free of charge. The printers are being monitored by the company and there will be no more ordering or stocking up supplies that might not get used. You will only get ink when you need ink.
  • 4 hour response time on repair calls
  • Any service costs or parts that need repair during the program period are provided free of charge
  • Use of software to track printing, which will eventually automatically feed into the IT billing system.

Involvement in the program will guarantee that you have a working printer for 5 years. You will never have to order supplies or stock them. As a decision maker in your department, you will be able to start to track printing costs and behaviors.


What are the costs?

The hardware has to be leased or purchased. After the hardware, the cost is per print at a rate of $0.01/ black and white page and $0.07 per color page.

We only have two printers to choose from; an all-in-one multifunction printer that does everything and a typical printer. The company recommends these printers because of longevity and cost efficiency. Both printers use a new technology that has fewer points of failure for a more reliable experience.

Option 1: Standard Printer **NEW MODEL August 2017**

Image of HP Pagewide Color e5565DN Printer

Printing Only: Black and White / Color

Model:   HP Pagewide Enterprise Color e5565DN Printer
              Letter size prints up to 72 Pages/minute
              Handles up to 15,000 prints per month.

Buy outright: $900
Monthly Lease (60 mo.): $15


Option 2: Multi-Function Printer (MFP) **NEW MODEL August 2017**

HP PageWide Enterprise Color 586xh

Multi-Function Printer:                                                       Scan to email / Copier / Fax / Printer

Model: HP PageWide Enterprise Color 586xh
            Letter size prints up to 72 Pages/minute
            Handles up to 15,000 prints per month.

Buy outright: $2,350
Monthly Lease: $40


The program gives you the confidence that your department will have a working printer for 5 years, without the stress of having to order and keep supplies. On top of that, we are confident that this program will save a department money on printing costs.


IT also stocks standard hardware for convenient purchase through budget transfer. We stock things like memory, monitors, speakers, and docking stations. Check out these items at the IT Store.