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Purchase a Printer

FLC Supported Printers
The IT department is no longer supporting the use of desktop or USB printers and will not spend significant time troubleshooting these devices. These devices can still be purchased and are still subject to purchasing rules. Mainly, that IT must approve any technology purchase of over $100. If you wish to purchase a personal desktop or USB connected printer, then email your request or any questions to These printers are considered personal devices and you would use it like you would a home printer, without support from Fort Lewis IT.

All new network printers will be added to the Managed Print Program. The cost of the new hardware is completely covered by IT and at no charge to the department.

What is the Managed Print Program?

In November 2015, Fort Lewis College entered into a 5 year contract with a company to provide Managed Print Services. The company, ImageNet Consulting, charges the College per print and for that per print charge we are guaranteed:

  • All Ink cartridges are covered by the pay as you print cost. The printers are being monitored by ImageNet Consulting and there will be no more ordering or stocking up supplies that might not get used. You will only get ink when you need ink.
  • Any service costs or parts that needed for repairs during the program period are covered by the pay as you print cost.
  • Plain Letter and Legal paper is covered by the per print cost.
  • Use of software to track printing, which will eventually automatically feed into the IT billing system.

Other benifits to the program:

  • Guarantees that you have a working printer and you do not have to pay for any repairs or maintenance. Peace of mind is worth something.
  • No more ordering Toner or ink. Nor will you have the issue of overstocking supplies only to have the printer die or have them expire.
  • Detailed Reports for Departmental decision makers can be provided to help analize your department's usage.
  • Lowers departmental printing costs.We know paying as you go sounds more expensive, but ImageNet purchases tonor and ink at a national level, therefore getting per unit costs that we could never get. In analysing all of the lab printers, we have seen a nearly 25% savings per year on supplies and repairs.


What are the costs?

For network printers, the new managed printer will be supplied at no cost to the department. We have standard printers, multi-function printers (Copy/Scan/Fax), and there are LaserJet options for each as well.

The per pring costs can vary based on the device. Most of our printers have a rate of $0.01 per black and white page and $0.07 per color page. The standard LaserJet printer has a rate of $0.03 per black and white page and $0.08 per color page. Then the program charges $0.01 per sheet of paper used.

If a department needs a device outside of these four choices, then we will have to discuss the use case and determine the appropriate device. 


IT also stocks standard hardware for convenient purchase through budget transfer. We stock things like memory, monitors, speakers, and docking stations. Check out these items at the IT Store.