Information Technology

Getting Connected

Fort Lewis College uses Packet Fence for network access control. The Packet Fence system ensures that the Fort Lewis network is protected. Packet Fence monitors and scans new devices as they connect to the network, either wirelessly or wired.  

To register your Gaming Devices, Internet TV devices, network enabled Blu-Ray players or Televisions click here.

If your device is a newly released product or if it is just new to our network. We will have to add the device type to our allowed devices list. If you receive an error after entering your MAC address and you are certain that you entered it correctly, then send an email to with your device name, MAC address, manufacturer and model.

For more information about your wireless device and the Fort Lewis network, please visit Bring Your Own Device.

Important Information

  • Wireless Printers are not supported on the network, these devices will have to be used by a direct USB connection. 
  • Chromecast and AppleTV's Airplay devices are not supported on the network.
  • Nintendo Wii devices must be plugged into the wired network. You will need to purchase the Wii LAN adapter.