Your Telephone Line

User Instructions for Comedian Mail Voicemail System

Fort Lewis College – Residence Hall Users
*Please note: Each room is wired for phone service, but you will need to  provide your own telephone. 

Voicemail box numbers for residents of on-campus housing will vary depending upon how many residents are sharing a phone line in a give room. For residents that have individual rooms, the voicemail box number will be the same as the phone number for that room. For residents that share a room, the following numbering system will be used:

                        Cooper 851 Phone number 6671

                                    Resident #1 Voicemail box number is 2671
                                    Resident #2 Voicemail box number is 3671
                                    Resident #3 Voicemail box number is 4671
                                    Resident #4 Voicemail box number is 5671

Accessing your mailbox

  • From your phone on campus for individual users: dial 7690; enter your passcode.
  • From you phone on campus for shared users: dial 7690, press the menu option that corresponds to your box; enter your passcode.
  • From someone else's phone on campus: dial 9-247-7690; enter your mailbox when prompted; enter your passcode when prompted.
  • From an off-campus phone: dial (970)247-7690; enter your mailbox when prompted; enter your passcode when prompted.

User Tutorial

Your initial passcode is the same as your mailbox number. If you are mailbox 2671, then your initial passcode is 2671. The first time you enter your mailbox, the system will talk you through your first voicemail session, explaining how to set up your mailbox with your personalized greeting, name and passcode. Follow the instructions above to access your mailbox.

Before beginning the tutorial, think of a passcode and greeting you want your callers to hear. Please note: do not make your passcode the same as your mailbox number. The system will continue to run you through the tutorial as long as your mailbox number and passcode are the same.

Mailbox Capacity & Message Aging

Each folder in your voicemail box will hold up to 15 messages, each of which can be up to 3 minutes in length. Unplayed messages are retained in your box for 2 weeks before being automatically purged. Played messages are retained for 4 weeks. Messages CANNOT be recovered after they have been deleted.

Your Voicemail Passcode

When you go through the tutorial, you will be prompted to enter a 4 to 10 digit passcode. Think of this passcode as being similar to your password on the computer system. Its purpose is to assure that only you have access to your mailbox. Remember that if someone else enters your mailbox, they can delete your messages or send messages to someone else from your mailbox.

Playing Messages and User Options

After entering your mailbox, you have a whole range of options to choose from. Here is the structure of the voicemail options:

Press 1. Read voicemail messages. If you have new messages, this will take you into the New Messages folder. If you don’t have any new messages, this will take you into the Old Messages folder.
Press 2. Change folders

  • Press 0. New messages folder
  • Press 1. Old messages folder
  • Press 2. Work messages folder
  • Press 3. Family messages folder
  • Press 4. friend messages folder
  • Press #. Cancel 

Press 3. Advanced options

  • Press 3. Hear the message envelope (This will tell you the time the message was left and who it came from. Note: this option is only available after you have listened to a message.)
  •  Press *. Return to the main menu

Press 4. Play previous message
Press 5. Repeat current message
Press 6. Play next message
Press 7. Delete current message
Press 8. Forward message to another mailbox
Press 9. Save message in a folder
Press 0. Mailbox options

  • Press 1. Record your unavailable message
  • Press 2. Record your busy message
  • Press 3. Record your name
  • Press 4. Change your password
  • Press *. Return to the main menu

Press *. Help
Press #. Exit