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Macintosh OS X Dial-Up

 Macintosh OS X

 Dial-Up Instructions

Dial-up instructions are for off-campus only. On-campus use your ethernet connection.

This document provides instructions for installing necessary software and configuring Macintosh OS X machines to access FLC’s PPP modem lines.  It may be helpful to read the entire document before you begin any of the installation steps.  It is assumed that the person following directions has a basic understanding of the Macintosh environment.

This document is the ONLY SUPPORT provided by Fort Lewis College with regard to Dial-Up.


Macintosh computer

  • OS 10.2 installed on Macintosh
  • 14,400 or faster modem (installed as per manufacturer)
  •  Information used to make a PPP connection
  • Your FLC username and password
  • Local access telephone number: 247-7299

Step 1: setup tcp/ip options in system preferences

Open System Preferences. Double click on Network. Change the “Show:” to Internal Modem or External Modem, depending on what your system has. Select the TCP/IP tab. Make sure “Configure:” is set to “Using PPP” In the DNS Servers window, type in the following (including the dots):

Step 2: Configure the PPP settings

Select the PPP tab. Under Service Provider, enter “Fort Lewis College”. Your Account Name is your Username. You may enter your password where requested and the computer will remember it or you can leave it blank and it will request it whenever you dial-in. The Telephone Number is 247-7299  Click “PPP Options”. Leave “Connect automatically when needed” unselected. Make sure “Send PPP echo packets” and “Use TCP header compression” are selected and “Connect using a terminal window” and “Use verbose logging” are unselected. Click “Apply Now”. Close System Preferences.

Step 3: Adding the dial-up icon to your desktop

Open the Macintosh HD. Double click Applications. Click Internet Connect, so that it is highlighted. Select File from the top pull down menu. Choose Make Alias. Click and drag the alias to the Desktop. Click the title of the alias twice to change it to “FLC Dial-Up”.

Step 4: Dialing in

To Dial-in, double click on “FLC Dial-Up” on your desktop. Once it’s connected, open your Internet applications.

Remember to disconnect when you are done using the TCP/IP based applications. Until you disconnect your telephone line will remain busy for friends and family trying to call you. To disconnect, close the internet browser.  You should be prompted to disconnect.