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Windows XP Dial-Up


Windows XP

Dial-Up Instructions

Dial-up instructions are for off-campus users only. On-campus users should have an ethernet card.

This document provides instructions for installing necessary software and configuring Microsoft XP Professional machines to access FLC’s PPP modem lines.  It may be helpful to read the entire document before you begin any of the installation steps.  It is assumed that the person following directions has a basic understanding of the Windows XP environment.

This document  is the ONLY SUPPORT provided by Fort Lewis College with regard to Dial-Up.


A PC with Windows XP Pro.  You will also need a modem that is connected to your computer.  For reasonable performance you should have a modem rated at a minimum of 33.6 Kbps.

What You Need to Get Started:

An FLC computer account, as well as the following information:

- Your user name

- Your password

- Our telephone number: 247-7299

Step 1:

Click the START button, select  then Network and Internet Connections then Set Up or Change your Internet Connection.  This will bring up a separate window titled “Internet Properties.”   

Step 2:

On the Connections tab, click Setup.  This will open another window titled “New Connection Wizard.”   Click Next.

Step 3:

On “Network Connection Type” select Connect to the Internet.  Click Next. 

Step 4:

Select the second option under ‘Getting Ready’, Set up my Internet connection manually.  Click Next.

Step 5:

Select the optionConnect using a dial-up modem.  Click Next.

Step 6:

Enter the phone number for dial-up in the phone number line.  This is 247-7299.  Click Next.

Step 7:

Give your connection a name that identifies it for you such as FLC or Internet. 

Step 8:

Enter your FLC username.  Students: first initial, middle initial, last name.  Staff: last name underscore (a Shift hyphen) then your first initial.  If you wish, enter your password and confirm it (type the same thing) in the confirmation box.

If you select the check-box that enables anyone to use your username and password to connect to the internet, anyone with access to your computer will be able to connect to the internet with your account.  If you De-select the check-box, only those logged onto the computer under your account will be able to use the connection.

DE-select the check-box that says “Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection”.  Enabling this may adversely affect your connection to the internet.

Click Next.

Step 8:

Select the check-box if you wish to place a shortcut to the connection on your desktop.  Click Finish.

Using Your New Connection

To connect to the Internet, double click the icon you have just created.  For added security, uncheck the box labeled “Save Password” and the computer will ask you to enter your password each time you log on.  It will take a minute or two while your computer dials in, connects, and verifies your username and password.  Once the connection is established, you can launch Internet Explorer or any other Winsock application.  Please be sure to disconnect when you are through, to free up the FLC modem line for the next person (and incidentally, to free up your own phone line so your friends and family can call you.