Information Technology - AIS Projects In Progress


Updated as of 08/29/2018 

Information Technology - Banner 9 Forms Transformation 

This is the first phase of the Banner 9 upgrade project and entails upgrading all Banner Administrative forms to Banner 9. 


  1. Finalize Banner Training in Canvas for new users (7/31
  2. Prepare infrastructure for move to Production 
  3. Continue working on converting customs and mods
  4. Move to Production June 27 (July 11
  5. Begin creating all new users in Banner 9 only (8/17)
  6. Shut down Banner 8 Administrative Forms (10/1)

Status: DELAYED (Admissions Application & Fall '18 Startup Priorities)

Enrollment Management - RNL Application Cultivator and Demand Builder

Purchase of services provided by RNL:

  • Application Cultivator include Application Marketing Campaign, Modeling Analytics, and Consulting, Reports, and Support for 35,000 names
  • Demand Builder including Application Marketing Campaign, Modeling Analytics, and Consulting, Reports, and Support for 100,000 names 

FLC Deliverables: 

  1. Model Data and Admissions Funnel Data (7/9
  2. Fall 19 Inquiry File for P2 Search Marketing (7/26
  3. Inquiry File for Applicant Marketing (8/6
  4. Suppression Files (weekly following)
  5. Inquiry File for Applicant Marketing (11/5)
  6. Inquiry File for Applicant Marketing (1/16/19)

Budget Range: $500,000 - $1,000,000 over 3 years

Status: ON TRACK

Enrollment Management - Admissions Application Build

FLC IT to design, build, and publish a new Admissions Application to replace the Banner Baseline Application and previously purchased applications from third parties (Royall & Co.). 

IT/Admissions Deliverables: 

  1. Design application layout and conditional logic based on agreed upon questions/answers with Admissions Office
    1. Wireframes delivered to Admissions for review (7/13
    2. Wireframe edits/response from Admissions (7/23
  2. SSO design/build (7/11
  3. App server setup (7/13
  4. Request Marketing to design/build interface (7/6
  5. Apply skins from Marketing (8/6)
  6. Development of application complete (8/6 by 0900
  7. Admissions review & testing (8/6 - 8/31
    1. Initial review/response from Admissions (8/10
    2. IT updates from response completed (8/12
    3. Final review/response from Admissions (8/24)
    4. Final updates by IT in Dev (8/31
  8. Move to Production (9/03)

Budget: Expected to save the College approx. $40,000+ per year

Status: DELAYED (Application Deadline extension to 8/20 delayed testing, postponed Go Live to 9/3)

Enrollment Management - Placement Automation

Automate process to evaluate all active students for math placement. Currently we evaluate by hand the confirmed and continuing students. This process will cover all active students.  

IT Deliverables: 

  1. Build out process for corrections for non self-report scores (6/29
  2. Build out appman job, cummulative GPA, student type, transfer coursework handling, audit mode vs update mode (7/2)
  3. Preliminary testing (7/3
  4. Quan, STAT, and CALC rules working for Freshman Placement (7/16 - 7/18
  5. Send to Registrar for Testing (7/20 - 7/27
  6. Updates/fixes and code review following user testing (7/25 - 7/30)
  7. Go Live (8/1)


Status: ON HOLD (waiting on decisions from leadership) but AIS working on Freshman Placement only

Finance - Scanning DD Forms and W-4 Forms for Payroll

Setting up the Payroll team to allow scanning of payroll forms into the document management system Content.

IT Deliverables: 

  1. Payroll Document Types Definition (7/20
  2. Create Capture Profiles (9/12)
  3. Test Capture Profiles (9/18)
  4. Move to Production (9/25)


Status: ON HOLD (Fall '18 startup priorities)

Institutional Research - NSC Extension for BlackBoard Student

Pulling college enrollment and degree data from NSC into our FLC data warehouse for ease of reporting and gaining information.

IT Deliverables: 

  1. Setup NSC Source Tables, Processes, ETL, Staging and Fact Tables, Dimensions, Measures, Perspectives and Drillthrough Actions (7/20
  2. Deploy and troubleshoot in DEV (8/3
  3. Setup NSC for PROD (8/17)
  4. Deploy to PROD (8/31)


Status: DELAYED (Reporting requests and Fall '18 Start-up)