Information Technology - AIS Projects In Progress


Updated as of 05/01/2019  

Information Technology - Banner 9 Forms Transformation 

This is the first phase of the Banner 9 upgrade project and entails upgrading all Banner Administrative forms to Banner 9. 


  1. Finalize Banner Training in Canvas for new users (7/31
  2. Prepare infrastructure for move to Production 
  3. Continue working on converting customs and mods
  4. Move to Production June 27 (July 11
  5. Begin creating all new users in Banner 9 only (04/15/2019
  6. Direct Banner Account Requests/Training to Banner 9 Training (05/01/2019)
  7. Shut down Banner 8 Administrative Forms (06/30/2019)

Status: ON TRACK 

Enrollment Management - Admission Auto Decision / Initial Incomplete Letter Automation

Implementing Auto Decision rules for admission and automating the sending of the initial Incomplete letters.


  1. Review and update existing code/work  (01/18
  2. Testing with Admissions (02/15) 
  3. Build new Perceptive Content Queues (5/15/2019)
  4. Move to Production (05/31/2019

Enrollment Management - Skyhawk Emergency Persistence Grant

Developing and publishing the new Skyhawk Emergency Persistence Grant application for students in need.


  1. Create mock pages/application in AcademicWorks  (03/26
  2. Review mockup with stakeholders (03/26
  3. Stakeholders to review mockup and return recommendations/changes (03/26-04/12)
  4. Update & review (05/07/2019)
  5. Training (Summer 2019)
  6. Push to production (Fall 2019)


Status: ON TRACK 

Information Technology - Perceptive Content Upgrades

Multiple upgrades to the Perceptive Content system required to finalize the Banner 9 Admin Forms Transformation project.

Information Technology - TouchNet Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Implementation

P2PE on Fort Lewis College Point-of-Sale devices.

Enrollment Management - Placement Automation

Automate process to evaluate all active students for math placement. Currently we evaluate by hand the confirmed and continuing students. This process will cover all active students.  

IT Deliverables: 

  1. Build out process for corrections for non self-report scores (6/29
  2. Build out appman job, cummulative GPA, student type, transfer coursework handling, audit mode vs update mode (7/2)
  3. Preliminary testing (7/3
  4. Quan, STAT, and CALC rules working for Freshman Placement (7/16 - 7/18
  5. Send to Registrar for Testing (7/20 - 7/27
    1. *Testing delayed due to Fall start-up priorities
  6. Updates/fixes and code review following user testing (10/22 - 10/31)
  7. Go Live (11/1)


Status: ON HOLD