Information Technology

Email Forwarding

Follow the steps to forward your email.

  1. Login to webmail by visiting, then clicking on Webmail in the Quicklinks list.
  2. Select the gear icon on the top right of the window, then select Options.Webmail webpage select Options
  3. Select Organize email on the left side of the window.Image of Outlook Web App Options - Organize Email
  4. Select inbox rules
  5. Click on the + button to create a new inbox rule
  6. Select “Create a new rule for arriving messages”Image of Outlook Webapp Inbox Rules
  7. Give the rule a new name (i.e. “Redirect Email”)
  8. Select the dropdown “When the message arrives, and:”, choose [Apply to all messages]
  9. Select the dropdown “Do the following: ”, choose [Redirect the message to…]Image of New Inbox Rule Creation
  10. When you *select people… type the email address that you would like to redirect messages to:Image of Select Contact
  11. The end result should look like thisImage of Outlook Webapp Inbox Rule Creation
  12. Click save