Fort Lewis College's Top 5 Strengths

Since Leadership Programs began utilizing StrengthsQuest at Fort Lewis College in 2010, data has been collected on the most common strengths among the Fort Lewis community.

Here are the Top 5:

  1. Adaptability - live in the now
  2. Input - craving to know more
  3. Empathy - sense feelings
  4. Positivity - optimistic
  5. Strategic - see alternative solutions

All of the 34 strengths identified by The Gallup Organization are categorized into four different domains depending on their function in a group setting. Below is a distribution of all of the strengths identified by those that have taken the assessment through Leadership Programs.

38% - Relationship Building - hold team together

27% - Strategic Thinking - focus on future

19% - Executing - make things happen

16% - Influencing - reach broader audience