Leadership center staff
From left to right: Mark Mastalski, Elizabeth Calagias, Patrick Fredricks, Ashley Rennhack, Kendra Gallegos Reichle


Hometown: Minocqua, Wisconsin

Bio: Mark moved to Durango from Madison, WI and has been the Director of the Leadership Center since August 2007. He is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a certificate in Technical Communication. A passionate leadership educator, Mark serves as a Lead Facilitator for "LeaderShape", where he has facilitated week-long programs for students all over the country. One of Mark's favorite quotes is "Live life on the edge and it will redefine your center" and he believes this is one of the best attributes of higher education - pushing yourself to learn and think differently. He is an avid whitewater kayaker and enjoys everything from the "town run" on the Animas to class V creeks. His Strengths are: Adaptability, Arranger, WOO, Strategic, and Self-Assurance.

ASHLEY RENNHACK - Assistant Director

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Bio: Ashley helps to manage the daily operations of the Leadership Center, and can assist you with every step of getting involved and making your RSO as successful as possible. Visit Ashley if you have questions about travel, purchasing, fundraising, planning your group’s next big event, and so much more! She has a business degree from Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and has been working in Student Affairs at FLC (go Skyhawks!) since 2006. She enjoys watching college football and basketball, painting/drawing/sculpture, gardening, skiing, and hiking with her husband, kids and dogs. Ashley's Strengths are: Developer, Relator, Harmony, Empathy, and Includer.

PATRICK FREDRICKS - Leadership Programs Coordinator

Hometown: Grand Haven, Michigan

Bio: Patrick graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Sport Management and from Western Carolina University with a Masters of Education before joining the Fort Lewis community. He is responsible for planning and implementing Strengths-based leadership initiatives, advising student organizations, supervising the Leadership Programs Staff, and running the Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD) program. Patrick enjoys watching/playing sports, volunteering for his fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), hiking, golfing, swimming, listening to a variety of music, and spending quality time with his family and friends. He loves listening to music and sharing influential quotes so stop by and suggest music and share your favorite quotes with him! Patrick's top five strengths are: Relator, Responsibility, Consistency, Adaptability, and Belief.

ELIZABETH CALAGIAS - Union Programming Coordinator

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bio: Elizabeth is a Fort Lewis College alumna and currently the Union Programming Coordinator in the Student Union. In her role as the Union Programming Coordinator she helps students transform ideas and dreams into action. If you are interested in bringing a band, comedian, or speaker to campus, or if you want to learn about event planning stop by the Leadership Center and ask how to get involved. You could get paid to have fun! Elizabeth also works with New Student Orientation. She is looking forward to welcoming students to their new home at FLC. Outside of her career, Elizabeth loves to dance, camp, cook, read and learn about graphic design. She also loves a good joke so please feel free to stop in for a good laugh or start planning the next best event on campus. Elizabeth's Strengths are: Positivity, Learner, Achiever, Relator, Strategic.

KENDRA GALLEGOS REICHLE - Coordinator of Student Wellness Initiatives

Hometown: Belen, New Mexico

Bio: A proud Fort Lewis College alumna (graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology), Kendra is grateful to be back on campus working in the position of Student Wellness Initiatives Coordinator. She received her Master's degree in mental health counseling from Walden University in 2009 and worked in the public health field for several years before coming back to FLC. Kendra helps promote healthy choices and lifestyles through educational programming. She works closely with students through the Wellness Peer Advisory Council and is passionate about building strengths, meeting people where they are, and collaborating on campus and off to ensure our students are connected with resources and are as healthy and successful as possible. Kendra loves to travel and has visited 19 countries! She also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, boating, and just taking advantage of the beautiful environment that we live in. If she ever finds spare time, she likes to read books and be creative through some kind of arts & crafts like sewing and painting. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and two dogs - any time with them is time well spent. Kendra's Strengths are: Strategic, Empathy, Communication, Individualization, and WOO.