Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center - Budgets

RSO Budgets

All Registered Student Organizations receive funding from Student Government. Depending on when they complete their registration, RSO 1s receive either a $50 or $100 initial allocation into their RSO account. RSO 2s and 3s must present their requested budget to the Financial Allocation Board for approval each spring. 

Each RSO will automatically have an account set up for them at the College. All money earned by the RSO (from fundraising, donations, membership dues, etc.) will be deposited into this account, and all expenses that are incurred will be paid out of this account. 

How to access your RSO Budget:

The four RSO Officers and their Advisor can view their RSO budget anytime via theFort. Before going there, you'll need to know your RSO's 5-digit OrgCode (budget code), which can be found on your RSO's wiki page.

Here's how to view the reports:

  • Go to theFort and log in
  • Click the 'Reports' tab at the top of the page
  • Click the magnifying glass next to 'RSO Reports'
  • Select Budget Detail Report if you want details of each revenue and expense transaction
  • Select Budget Status Report if you just want to know the bottom line of how much you currently have in your RSO budget.

If you have questions about your budget or need other assistance, please contact the FAB Director at FAB_Director@fortlewis.edu, or stop by the Leadership Center.