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Earning Money For Your RSO

You have to make money in order to spend money, right?! Below are some common ways in which RSOs have generated income in the past. 

The more unconventional, unique, and fun your fundraising ideas are, the more successful your efforts will likely be. Get creative. The sky's the limit!

Ways to Earn Funding

Food/Bake Sales

Sodexo has the exclusive right to serve or sell all food on the FLC campus. In some cases, an exception to this policy can be made by receiving approval from both the Union Operations Office and Sodexo.

If you'd like to sell "temperature-sensitive foods" (hot and cold food items that need to be held at a specific safe temperature for food safety), a representative of your RSO must watch these safe food handling videos and fill out this permission form

Some examples of temperature-sensitive foods that RSOs have sold in the past include breakfast burritos, Navajo/Indian tacos, and soups/stews.

This type of food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen, such as the NAC/El Centro kitchen in the Student Union. It may not be made in your home kitchen and then transported to campus to sell. 

Bake sales are another way that many RSOs earn money. Baked items (such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes) are not required to be made in a commercial kitchen, and may be made at home and brought to campus to be sold. 

You may NOT sell sodas, coffee, tea, or any other beverages that would compete with sales at Animas Perks or other dining locations on campus.

Steps for hosting a successful food/bake sale:


1. Decide on the best time to table in the Student Union to sell your goods. The Student Union usually has the most foot traffic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Be sure your members have adequate time in their schedules to make the food and staff the table.

2. Turn in your food waiver form no later than one week in advance. 

3. Reserve a tabling space by filling out the request located here.

4. Promote the sale by posting flyers around campus, or by word of mouth.

5. On the day of the sale, pick up your table from the Info Desk. Check out a cash box with change for the sale from the Leadership Center front desk. A SkyCard Machine, so people can pay for your items with SkyCash, will automatically be reserved for you, if one is available. The SkyCard Machine can be picked up from the SkyCard Office (downstairs in the SU, across from the Post Office) on the day of your sale.

6. Once the sale is over, clean up the space and bring all money back to the Leadership Center. Your profits will be deposited into your RSO account. The SkyCard Machine can be returned to the SkyCard Office.

Silent Auctions

Having businesses donate products or services to be sold at an auction has been a successful way for some RSOs to make money in the past. 

Before contacting businesses and soliciting donations, you must fill out a fundraising authorization form and get permission from the FLC Foundation.

For those businesses that donate goods or services for your auction, they may be entitled to a tax benefit by submitting a Foundation gift-in-kind form.

Sales tax must be collected on all auction items that are tangible goods. Most RSOs choose to include the sales tax in the final purchase price of the item (i.e., the highest bid for something is $50. The RSO will actually receive $46.34 and $3.66 will be taken out to cover the sales tax owed). 

Please bring all money to the Leadership Center immediately following the auction to be deposited into your RSO's account.


A raffle is the exchange of money for a chance to win a prize. This is different than an opportunity drawing or offering door prizes at an event because in those cases, no money is being paid for the chance to win. 

The State of Colorado considers raffles to be a form of gambling, so they're therefore highly regulated. If you would like to raise money for your RSO by holding a raffle, you MUST come talk to the Leadership Center Director or Assistant Director prior to securing any prizes or selling any tickets.


All monetary donations received by your RSO should be immediately brought to the Leadership Center to be deposited into your RSO account. The individual/business can receive tax credit for the donation if it's deposited with the FLC Foundation (Leadership Center staff can help you with this process).

Membership Dues


Other Fundraising Ideas

Other fundraising ideas could include:

  • Selling t-shirts, artwork, hats, etc.
  • Car Wash
  • Charging admission to a show/concert/dance performance
  • Sports tournaments or challenges
  • 101 Fundraising Ideas that are not a Bake Sale

Foundation Forms