Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center - Travel


Prior to Travel

  • Please note that College policy requires the RSO Advisor to travel with RSO members for any out-of-state travel
  • At least 3 weeks before travel commences, schedule a meeting with Leadership Center staff to discuss the travel, your budget, and any other details.
  • At least 1 week before leaving, one member of your RSO who you designate as the 'Student Trip Coordinator' must submit a Travel Authorization Form and a copy of the trip itinerary or conference agenda to the Leadership Center
  • At least 1 week before leaving, every student who is traveling must fill out the Liability Waiver/Emergency Contact Information on our website. The information submitted on this form will be emailed to Leadership Center staff, your RSO Advisor, and the Student Trip Coordinator
  • Conference registration fees can be paid in advance using the Leadership Center's P-card (credit card). 

During Travel

  • Keep ALL receipts. Receipts for meals must be itemized (showing what each person actually ordered to eat; not the final credit card receipt that shows total + tip) and cannot include alcohol 
  • Reimbursement for meals cannot exceed the per diem rates set by the State of Colorado

After Travel

  • Within 2 weeks of returning, all student travelers who incurred travel-related expenses should fill out a Check Request Form to be reimbursed. 

IMPORTANT FOR RSO ADVISORS:  When a staff/faculty member plans to incur costs for traveling students (whether or not the member is traveling with the students), the member must submit a travel authorization in the name of the member and list the names of the traveling students.  After travel, the staff member must complete a travel reconciliation in order to be reimbursed for expenses.  Staff/faculty may NOT be reimbursed for travel via a check request form.

Other Helpful Tips