Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center - P-Card Usage Request

P-Card Usage

The preferred way to spend money available in your RSO account for RSO-related purchases, supplies, and expenses is the Fort Lewis College procurement card (P-Card).

Use of the P-Card is a privilege granted to certain registered student organizations. All student organizations are required to adhere to the P-Card policies and procedures as outlined below or you may not be able to access the funds in your account.

You can come to the Leadership Center to use the Director or Assistant Director’s P-Cards (for phone or internet orders), or you may be able to check a card out from them, use it at a local vendor, and return the card on the same day. The P-Card is only allowed out of the office if the purchase cannot be made online or over the phone and is never available for use overnight or on the weekend. The policy and procedure for using the P-Card is outlined below:

  • Each RSO is allowed to authorize two members (including the Advisor) to use the P-Card, in addition to the RSO Treasurer. 
  • The P-Card can be used like any other credit card, however, remember to notify the vendor that we are tax exempt. The tax exempt number is printed on the card. If you are charged tax, then you will need to work with the vendor to obtain a refund of the amount of tax charged to the card. If you are not able to get the sales tax for the purchase refunded within 48 hours of the purchase, the amount of the sales tax will be placed on your student account in order to reimburse your RSO.
  • You must obtain all receipts (both the itemized and credit card copy) for any purchase made on the P-Card and submit them to the Leadership Center when you return the card. Receipts are due within 24 hours of the time of the purchase.
  • If the P-Card is taken out of the office it is due back to the Leadership Center immediately after the purchase is made and by 4:00pm that day.
  • The single transaction spending limit on the P-Card is $300.00. If you need to spend more than this at one time, please come talk to the Leadership Center Director or Assistant Director.

There are MANY items, such as gift cards, that are never allowed to be purchased using the P-card. If you, or a member of your organization, charges any of the following items to the card, the full amount of the expense will be placed on your student account in order to reimburse your RSO.

Prohibited purchases:

  • Personal purchases
  • Gift cards/gift certificates
  • Alcohol, tobacco, firearms
  • Prizes, gifts, awards
  • Cash advances/cash equivalents
  • Contracts requiring an authorized signature
  • Technology (software) over $100
  • Travel expenses (airfare, vehicle rental, gas, lodging, parking)
  • Vehicle expenses (service station transactions, auto parts & repair)
  • Central Stores items

We expect all students to respect and adhere to these policies and procedures. NO exceptions can be made. Use of the P-Card is a privilege granted to student organizations within the Leadership Center. We expect our student leaders to respect and comply with all State of Colorado, Fort Lewis College, and Leadership Center policies and procedures. Non-adherence to the P-Card Use Policy by a student organization member may result in revocation of P-Card use privileges. P-Card misuse includes purchasing items on the prohibited list; giving the P-Card to an unauthorized person to use; not submitting appropriate documentation and receipts to accompany all purchases; and not returning the P-Card and/or receipts on time to the Leadership Center. The consequences for noncompliance with these policies and procedures include:

  • 1st Offense - The individual loses P-Card check-out privileges for the remainder of the semester
  • 2nd Offense - The RSO loses P-Card check-out privileges for the remainder of the semester
  • 3rd Offense - The RSO loses P-Card check-out privileges for one full academic year

P-Card Usage Request