Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center - RSOs, by Category

RSOs, Listed by Category


American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Student Chapter progam plays a critical role by providing an avenue where undergraduate and geology students can engage in meaningful networking opportunities, and connect with professionals in geological careers, both inside and outside of academia. This program's focus is to network students while giving important insight to industry experience and the fields of  sedimentology, petroleum and natural resources within the geosciences.

President: Connor Broaddus, cmbroaddus@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Gary Gianniny, gianniny_g@fortlewis.edu

AIBL, American Indian Business Leaders

The mission of AIBL is to increase the representation of American Indians and Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through education and leadership development opportunities.  AIBL's vision over the next decade is to become the pre-eminent national non-profit organization serving American Indians and Alaska Natives by providing business and entrepreneurship education, leadership development training, and the necessary support to help young men and women who aspire to pursue studies and careers in business, entrepreneurship, or related disciplines. AIBL's spirit of success stems from our four guiding principles: Education, Leadership, Experience, and Culture.

Find out more at www.aibl.org!

President: Joshua Emerson, jwemerson@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Elaine Labach, Labach_E@fortlewis.edu

AISES, American Indian Science and Engineering Society

The mission of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers.

Find out more at www.aises.org!

President: Jeremy James, jwjames@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Les Sommerville, sommervil_l@fortlewis.edu

Anthropology Club

The Anthropology Club at Fort Lewis College promotes and fosters the gap between undergraduate knowledge of Anthropology and applying it to the real world (class to job). Students get together, collaborate, and partake in valuable experiences, insight, and information related to Anthropology on and off campus.

President: Ian T. Noble, itnoble@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Jesse Tune, jwtune@fortlewis.edu

Association for Women Geoscientists, Animas Chapter

The Animas Chapter of Association for Women Geoscientists at Fort Lewis College promotes and fosters women in geosciences and everyone that supports women in geosciences.

President: TBD
Advisor: Kimberly Hannula, hannula_k@fortlewis.edu

Beta Alpha Psi

Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for finance and accounting majors. There are over 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi's formation. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.

Find out more at www.bap.org!

President: Brittany Glantz, bnglantz@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Theresa Hilliard, tdhilliard@fortlewis.edu

Chem and Associated Sciences Club

Chem and Associated Sciences Club is a group of students who want to demonstrate to our peers and our community that chemistry is a fun and interesting subject that provides opportunities across all science fields.

President: Jacob Harrison, jaharrison1@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Michael Grubb, mpgrubb@fortlewis.edu

Council of Honors Scholars

The Council of Honors Scholars is the student leadership arm of the John F. Reed Honors Program. The Council of Honors Scholars is comprised of Scholars admitted to and in good standing with the Honors Program. As such, the Council of Honors Scholars initiates and directs co-curricular activities supporting Scholars active in the Honors Program. Also, the Council of Honors Scholars advises the Director of the Honors Program on the design and delivery of unique educational opportunities for Honors Scholars.    The Council of Honors Scholars furthers the mission of the John F. Reed Honors Program which strives to be the most caring, rigorous honors program for high-ability, high-achieving students at a public liberal arts college in the western United States.

President: Stacy Jones, snjones@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Bill Mangrum, mangrum_w@fortlewis.edu


Creative Collective is a group of artists who are in pursuit of furthering their lives in art. We are the official Art Club of Fort Lewis College.

President: Katie Lewis, kelewis@fortlewus.edu
Advisor: Anthony Nocella, ajnocells@fortlewis.edu

Economics Club

The Economics Club is a group of students across several disciplines whose mission is to generate new knowledge about economic phenomena through educated discussions and formal debates. We believe that in order to make the world a better place, we need to talk about ideas that matter.  

Find out more here!

President: TBD
Advisor: Deb Walker, walker_d@fortlewis.edu

FLC History Club

The Fort Lewis History Club shall be used as a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge about the field of history with its members and the Fort Lewis and Durango Community. We will promote intellectual activities, as well as provide a network of support for students interested in history and wanting to associate with others of the same interests.

President: Nathan Seaford, nmseaford@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Viktor Shmagin, vshmagin@fortlewis.edu

FLC Student Athletic Training Association (SATA)

The SATA is for students interested in the athletic training profession. We provide medical assistance for Fort Lewis College student-athletes and the community. In addition, we work to spread the awareness of the health profession through volunteering in the community. We have weekly meetings and a yearly trip to the Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association Symposium to continue our knowledge of the field and improve our clinical practice.

President: Kira Nash, klnash@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Wayne Barger, barger_w@fortlewis.edu

Fort Lewis College Marketing Club

The Fort Lewis Marketing Club is a student run organization which has been established with the purpose of furthering the professional and educational development of its members. Membership is open to students of all majors and interests. Our goal as a club is to create a network of enthusiastic marketing minded individuals who strive to build leadership skills, use applicable knowledge, and apply critical thinking to expand upon the traditional learning environment within Fort Lewis College. We will focus on completing certifications that show a mastery of applicable skills. Our club will help to serve the Durango community by offering our knowledge and skills to local businesses.  

President: Navonne Benally, nlbenally@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Tomasz Miaskiewicz, tmiaskiwicz@fortlewis.edu

Geology Club

The purpose of the Geology Club is to support and cultivate interests in the geosciences outside the formal classroom. The club hosts many events including, but not limited to: field trips, guest speakers, community outreach, and attendance at geological meetings.

Check out our website for more information!

President: Sara Burch, sjburch@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. David A. Gonzales, gonzales_d@fortlewis.edu

Healthcare Professions Club

The Healthcare Professions Club at Fort Lewis College is a very active organization that meets biweekly and has a strong presence on campus and in the community. At club meetings, members can participate in ethical case study and modern health care discussions, interview preparation, and entrance exam practice. In the 2014-15 academic year, we hosted a drive to register potential bone marrow donors and two panels: the Applicants Panel, in which students that have applied to professional school answered questions, and the Healthcare Professionals Panel, during which multiple healthcare providers spoke about their experiences. The Healthcare Professions Club also engages in many volunteering opportunities, including spending time with residents at Sunshine Gardens Community Center and performing health-related tasks at the 9 News Health Fair.

Find out more at www.PreHealthFLC.com!

President: Sean Cleary, smcleary@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Steve Fenster, sdfenster@fortlewis.edu 

International Business Club

The International Business Club (IBC) is the only student run entrepreneur's club  on campus specifically related to international business. The IBC brainstorms ways to maximize the educational and cultural experiences of terms spent abroad.

President: TBD
Advisor: Michael E Valdez, mevaldez@fortlewis.edu

NAfME, Fort Lewis College Chapter of the National Association for Music Educators

The Fort Lewis college chapter of the National Association for Music Educators strives to further music education in schools and in the local community. This group consists of music education students at fort Lewis college who team up with Durango area schools and other local music institutions such as Katzin music or Music in the Mountains.  Events such as the annual Instrument Discovery day are intended to promote individuals to further their musical experiences.

President: Caitlin Martinac, cnmartinac@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Charissa Chiaravalotti, cochiaravalloti@fortlewis.edu

Native American Honor Society

The Mission Statement of the society is to recognize and promote academic achievement and superior scholastic ability among undergraduate Native American students at Fort Lewis College.

President: TBD
Advisor: Bill Mangrum, mangrum_w@fortlewis.edu

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club looks for a deeper understanding of our world. Open to anyone who's interested! Each meeting is an open forum meant to recognize our own assumptions and cultivate better ways of sifting through confusion. Discussing what we believe, why we believe it, and what we ought to do about it provides insights into nearly every area of life.

Check out our website for more info!

President: Tyler Porter, taporter@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dugald Owen, owen_d@fortlewis.edu

SACNAS, Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists from college students to professionals to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in science. The primary goal of this organization is to increase the retention rate of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native American students studying science at Fort Lewis College and to help them attain the highest achievements they seek.

President: Tara Abrams, tyabrams@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Les Sommerville, Sommervil_L@fortlewis.edu

Sociology Club

We are a group of students committed to social justice and engaging with the community with programs such as the Grub Hub Food Pantry, Lending Library, guest speaker events, and providing a space and resources for students to learn more about the social issues affecting our community and world and how to take action in beneficial, meaningful, and effective ways.

President: Jennica Peter, jrpeter@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Anthony Nocella, ajnocella@fortlewis.edu

STEM Volunteering Network

STEM Volunteering Network strives to give students learning experiences with an emphasis on science (but all majors are welcome). These learning experiences will include; how to find a summer internship, volunteering opportunities, and networking with people who are in a similar major.

President: Sidney Gordon, svgordon@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Caroline Kulesza, cakulesza@fortlewis.edu

Student Alumni Networking

Our purpose is to connect students, alumni, and the community with the goal of better preparing students for finding careers after graduation. We do this by educating them and providing them with experience in the networking world.

President: Kallie Tatlis, katatlis@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Theresa Hilliard, tdhilliard@fortlewis.edu

Women in Science

The Fort Lewis Women in Science Club focuses on the advancement and support of women (and men too!) in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. We aim to raise awareness of the challenges presented to women seeking degrees and careers in the sciences. We hope that our club will provide necessary encouragement, instill confidence in women and promote the healthy expression of each woman's authentic self. By participating in outreach, we intend to provide role models for future generations of female scientists.

Check out our website for more information!

President: Rebecca Salamon, rjsalamon@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Aimee Morris, ammorris@fortlewis.edu

Cultural/Ethnic/Diversity Appreciation

Black Student Union

Black Student Union is a group that embraces and promotes culture, lifestyle, and history of the African American/Black Identified community. The members create an environment that fosters a safe and healthy community on and off campus.

President: Kaidee Akullo, kjakullo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Anthony Nocella, ajnocella@fortlewis.edu

Buffalo Council

Buffalo Council wishes to acknowledge the world around us by knowing what relationships they form. From pinons to wild onions, each has many relationships. When the snow falls on FLC, we wish to share our stories with each other, so we may learn and enjoy life. We wish to grow as native peoples and have healthy relationships with other living things.   

President: Arrin Paul, awpaul@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Laura Owens, LJOWENS@fortlewis.edu

Club Del Centro

Club Del Centro is a multicultural student-led organization that focuses on promoting culture through the means of food, social, and educational events. Club members have equal opportunity in this collective community of empowered students and each person will be encouraged to share their diverse opinions and backgrounds. We will always strive to share duties equally and make our decisions in a collective, circular way rather than as a hierarchy. We prioritize collaboration with other clubs and diverse cultures and value the following principle: "Give back and pay it forward."

Administrative Chair: Alessandra Fernandez, amfernandez@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shirena Trujillo Long, long_s@fortlewis.edu

Cultural Kitchen

Cultural Kitchen is a club designed for students who love to cook and is a great way to represent your culture through food. The club meets every other week on Mondays from 5-7pm in the Commercial Kitchen located between the Native American Center and El Centro. The club encourages a fun and welcoming environment, and is open to all students. Partake in several activities including Culinary Nights, Movie Nights, Game Days, Cookoff's, and more!

President: TBD
Advisor:  Lisa Cate, lscate@fortlewis.edu

Diné Club

I’naahwííł’aah - “We are Relearning”

The Diné Club is a group open to all students seeking enrichment in Diné culture and language. The club seeks to expand Diné cultural exposure on campus through both cultural and language revitalization. The club offers insight into Diné vocabulary, Diné history, kinship, government, etc., through a harmonious approach of relearning and sharing Diné philosophy and cultural practices.

Alaaji’ Hozh’ooji’ Naat’aanii (Peace Leader): Willson Atene, watene@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Majel Boxer, boxer_m@fortlewis.edu

Feminist Voice

An all inclusive, intersectional feminist group that believes people of ALL genders and sexualities deserve equal rights, treatments, and access to resources.

Check out our website!

President: Natalie Wilcoxen, ncwilcoxen@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Nancy Stoffer, stoffer_n@fortlewis.edu

Indigenous Feminism Rising

The mission of Indigenous Feminism Rising is to create a space for equity among Indigenous Feminists by providing advocacy of Indigenous women through identity development, and cultural, and spiritual support.

President: TBD
Advisor: Frances Kay Holmes, fkholmes@fortlewis.edu

PRISM: A Queer-Straight Alliance

PRISM is FLC's only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) club. We welcome any student both LGBTQ or Ally! Our mission is provide a fun and safe environment for LGBTQ and allied students and we host many exciting events throughout the year. We meet at the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center in Reed Library, to the left of the Fish Bowl. All are welcome and we are looking forward to great year!

Find out more here!

President: Allison Wilder, ahwilder@fortlewis.edu
Advisor:,Nancy Stoffer, stoffer_n@fortlewis.edu

Pueblo Alliance

Pueblo Alliance is an RSO dedicated to Pueblo students and other students here on campus. It is a way to connect to the culture Pueblo People are still very much involved in. However, not all people know of the culture and this RSO is designed to educate the people around us who may be interested in the culture and history. 

President: Coltyn Ansera, cjansera@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Gabby Allan, gallan@fortlewis.edu

Wanbli Ota

Wanbli Ota means Many Eagles in the Lakota language. We are a student-run, non-profit organization at Fort Lewis College. Our goal is to promote cultural diversity on campus as well in our surrounding communities. Our events happen throughout the academic year, and our biggest event is the annual Hozhoni Days celebration and Pow Wow. Anyone is welcome to join Wanbli Ota. We welcome all new members!

Find out more here!

President: Alyssa Tapaha, attapaha@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Liz Bahe, ebahe@fortlewis.edu


Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation promotes and fosters animal advocacy and creates awareness around veganism and the environment.

President: TBD
Advisor: Anthony J. Nocella, ajnocella@fortlewis.edu

Bee Club

The Bee Club is an RSO designed to give students the opportunity to learn and practice beekeeping. We currently have three honey bee hives located on campus and club members have ample opportunity to work hands on with the bees. Bee keeping is an important and quickly growing form of urban agriculture that promotes healthy hives, healthy gardens, and healthy lives. The main goal of the Bee Club is to educate students on the importance of honey bees to our food system, as well as inspire students to become bee activists and beekeepers.

President: Jordan Pollack, jmpollack@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Becky Clausen, Clausen_R@fortlewis.edu

Environmental Center (EC)

The Environmental Center is a 23-years strong, student-driven organization whose mission is to strengthen students' commitment to a more socially-just, ecologically-responsible world. To achieve this mission, we empower students to become leaders of social change. Our student staff, volunteers, community partners, program participants, etc. take leadership roles to drive forward positive and impactful environmental projects both on campus and in our community.

Find out more here!

Coordinator: Rachel Landis, rllandis@fortlewis.edu

TUCosta 5Rivers Fly Fishing Club

The TUCosta 5Rivers Club of Fort Lewis is a club focused on bringing together anglers and environmental activists to help improve and conserve the health of our local watershed as well as increase networking between like-minded individuals. 

President: Easton Wasinger, ejwasinger@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Brandon DeHartog, DENHARTOG_B@fortlewis.edu

Health and Wellness

Healthcare Professions Club

The Healthcare Professions Club at Fort Lewis College is a very active organization that meets biweekly and has a strong presence on campus and in the community. At club meetings, members can participate in ethical case study and modern health care discussions, interview preparation, and entrance exam practice. In the 2014-15 academic year, we hosted a drive to register potential bone marrow donors and two panels: the Applicants Panel, in which students that have applied to professional school answered questions, and the Healthcare Professionals Panel, during which multiple healthcare providers spoke about their experiences. The Healthcare Professions Club also engages in many volunteering opportunities, including spending time with residents at Sunshine Gardens Community Center and performing health-related tasks at the 9 News Health Fair.

Find out more at www.PreHealthFLC.com!

President: Sean Cleary, smcleary@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Sherell Byrd, BYRD_S@fortlewis.edu

Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC)

The Wellness Peer Advisory Council is a student-led health & wellness organization aimed at promoting healthy choices among FLC students. WellPAC reaches out to the campus through a humanistic approach, aiming to meet students where they are at with their physical, social, and emotional health. Through educational programs, small groups, outreach efforts and peer consultations using Motivational Interviewing techniques, WellPAC hopes to provide resources for students that will support them to be happy, healthy, and successful FLC students!

Visit the WellPAC web site.

President: Monty Matisse, momonty@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kendra Gallegos Reichle, kgreichle@fortlewis.edu



Images is a literary arts magazine dedicated to promoting fine arts within the college and local community. The annual magazine is a forum for creativity, which gives students an outlet to publish works of literature, photography, and art. 

President: Nicholas Kessler, nskessler@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Candance Nadon, canadon@fortlewis.edu

Independent News Magazine

The Independent News Magazine (Indy) is a bi-monthly news publication that provides a service to Fort Lewis College students, faculty and staff, as well as the community of Durango. The publication is free and strives to provide accurate and well-balanced news coverage, as well as a platform for community businesses to advertise directly to our growing audience. The Independent is dedicated to producing print, online, and video content in order to inform students with a diverse range of interests, on and off campus. The staff pushes to reach and represent all factions of the student body through various channels of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Ourwebsite has multiple weekly updates, centering on activities and events happening on campus while our new Video Production department records and edits video profiles and news coverage for a visual audience. Through these various mediums and opportunities, The Independent allows students to gain professional work experience as a part of a publication which strives to publish quality news and information with integrity.  

Editor-in-Chief: Alex Semadeni, awsemadeni@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Paige Gray, pmgray@fortlewis.edu

KDUR Radio Station

KDUR, volunteer-powered community radio, creates a bridge between Fort Lewis College and La Plata County, offering diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs programming. KDUR provides educational and training opportunities in a professional setting for Fort Lewis College students and community members.

Check out kdur.org for more info!

Station Manager: Bryant Liggett, liggett_b@fortlewis.edu

Music, Arts and Performance

AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) at Fort Lewis College promotes and fosters integrative design in and around the community by giving students opportunities to learn and connect with professional and amateur designers. Students participate in group events, portfolio reviews, and trips to design conferences in order to better their design and connection to the design community and prepare them to enter the job market. 

President: George Bangs, gdbangs@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Paul Booth, booth_p@fortlewis.edu

Bala Sinem Chior

The Bala Sinem Chior serves as the Native American choral group to the Fort Lewis campus.  Each student member is invited to make a contribution of traditional music from their Native Nation in keeping with oral traditions. The choir will be available to perform for social and ceremonial functions throughout the academic year.  

President: TBD
Advisor: Emma Salazar, ebsalazar@fortlewis.edu

Ballet Folklorico de Durango

Ballet Folklorico de Durango is a dance group that embraces Hispanic culture through dancing traditional Mexican Folklore. We want to provide opportunities for students to learn how to dance and perform these traditional dances both on and off-campus. We also want to provide opportunities for students to travel around the United States and Mexico to learn different styles of Folkloric dancing from different regions of Mexico through workshops. All students can join regardless of ethnicity or skill.

Find out more here!

President: TBD
Advisor: Theresa Rodriguez, rodriguez_t@fortlewis.edu

Creative Collective

Creative Collective is a group of artists who are in pursuit of furthering their lives in art. We are the official Art Club of Fort Lewis College.

President: Devin Hernandez, drhernandez1@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Chad Colby, colby_c@fortlewis.edu

Dance Co-Motion

Dance Co-Motion is designed around the shared passion and interest of dance. Many styles are brought to the group including ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, belly dancing, and much more. All levels of dance experience are welcome. Our main focus is to provide dance for enjoyment. Students choreograph pieces and put on a show, which brings a large crowd, at the end of every semester. It's a great way to get involved on campus and be a part of the community! Discover friendships and new dance styles with Dance Co-Motion!

Find out more here!

President: Aurora Murga, apmurga@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Alyse Neubert, amneubert@fortlewis.edu

Elysian Circus

Fort Lewis College's first circus! Specialties include aerial silks, hula hoop, poi, pole, strength training, and acrobatics. Each meeting consist of dance instruction as well as educational seminars on social issues regarding stigmas of body and health. Everyone welcome at any fitness level!

Ring Master: TBD
Advisor: Tracy Campbell, ppcampbell@fortlewis.edu

Folk and Punk Club

Fort Lewis Folk and Punk Club aims provide a social group for people who enjoy folk and punk music. We plan to have organized social events for folk and punk music lovers such as jam sessions and Open Mic Nights. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a musician or not.

President: TBD
Advisor: Bryant Liggett, liggett_b@fortlewis.edu

Fort Lewis Comedy Club

Fort Lewis Comedy Club is open to any FLC student who enjoys comedy in anyway. Join us to perform, laugh, write, and watch jokes.

President: TBD
Advisor: Mark Brenden, mabrenden@fortlewis.edu

Jam Club

Jam Club is a group of student musicians who have regular jam sessions on campus.

President: TBD
Advisor: Bryant Liggett, liggett_b@fortlewis.edu

Percussion Club

The Percussion club serves to unite and educate percussionists at fort lewis college and in the four corners area.

President: Benjamin Smith, bvsmith@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. John O'Neal, joneal@fortlewis.edu

Photography/Cinematography Club

The Photography/Cinematography Club will engage its members on working together to help build one's skills in photography and or cinematography. Members can expect to exercise their skills in variety of places and meet new friends along the way. Everyone is welcome!

President: TBD
Advisor: Dr. Cory Pillen, cjpillen@fortlewis.edu

Social Dance Club

Social Dance Club gives students the opportunity to learn different types of social dance, such as swing, waltz, tango, salsa, and more. No dance experience needed, everyone is welcome. 

President: Judith Camacho, jecamacho@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Suzy DiSanto, disanto_s@fortlewis.edu


ASFLC (Associated Students of Fort Lewis College) Student Government

ASFLC and its subcommittees are a governing body of students that make decisions related to funding for all other RSOs. Members are representatives of the student body of Fort Lewis College and act as liaisons between the student population and the College itself. Every student at the college is technically a member of ASFLC, however, separate membership requirements are listed for senator, court, and executive positions.

Check out our website!

President: Dustin Fink, drfink@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Mark Mastalski, mastalski_m@fortlewis.edu

Political Science Club

Do you talk politics on the first date? Are you the loudest person in the room? Do you like to challenge the status-quo and redefine norms? Do you like to debate or persuade others that you're right? Then come check out Political Science club! Political Science club will explore the realms of politics through lively discussion, collaboration, events, and speakers. We seek people who are open-minded, accepting towards others' opinions or beliefs and are enticed by contemporary issues that everyone faces in day-to-day life. Come discuss, meet new people and get ready to challenge your views!

President: Jaclyn Rose Drummond, jrdrummond@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Michael Dichio, madichio@fortlewis.edu

Progressive Students Alliance

Progressive Student's Alliance aims to promote political awareness and activism across campus. Our primary goals are to increase the amount of registered voters in the state of Colorado, promote activism within our students, and expand and collaborate with a wide range of RSO's to bring more diversity programming to the Student Union.

President: TBD
Advisor: Michael Dichio, madichio@fortlewis.edu

Young Americans for Liberty

Young Americans for Liberty is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of small government, liberty, and individual rights. All students are welcome to attend.

President: Zane Goodell, zdgoodell@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Brenda Aragon, braragon@fortlewis.edu


Christian Challenge

Christian Challenge is a club that focuses on spiritual growth, personal development, and community involvement in a non-church setting. We meet weekly and discus student selected topics, where all opinions are valued and respected, regardless of your beliefs. We also do various activities throughout the month such as camping, family dinners, game nights, and getaways.

Check out our website!

President: Lexi Hooper, ldhooper@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Whitney Gonzales, wdgonzales@fortlewis.edu

Master Plan Ministries, Connect

Connect is a non-denominational Christian ministry at FLC that seeks to provide every student with a loving and accepting atmosphere where they can experience Christ's life-changing message, grow in their individual strengths and develop the greatest friendships of their lives. We offer Christian fellowship and personal growth opportunities, as well as leadership development and mentorship programs.

Check out our website for more info!

President: Rachael Helvoigt, rjhelvoigt@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: TBD

Native InterVarsity

Native InterVarsity is a community of Native Nations students who laugh together, love Jesus and love our people and traditions. 

Find out more here!

President: Taylor Begay, tlbegay@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Justin McBrayer, jpmcbrayer@fortlewis.edu

Newman Club

FLCatholic Newman Club reaches out to the Fort Lewis, Durango, and wider communities through service and development in the Catholic faith. We provide leadership opportunities and training within the club and we foster Christian spiritual, social, and intellectual growth among FLC students, faculty, staff, and the Durango community as a whole.

President: Jacob Branch Boyle, jfbranchboyle@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Anne McCarthy, mccarthy_a@fortlewis.edu

Pejuta Tipi Society

Our mission is to foster the knowledge and teachings of the traditional use of Peyote as a divine herb. Our club offers an enlightening experience to learn and understand our cultural heritage which promotes self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-identity.

President: TBD
Advisor: Joey Dell, jedell@fortlewis.edu


Rooted is a college Christian ministry for anyone and everyone looking to grow in their faith. We are a community of friends that do a lot of activities together throughout the week and help each other through life. We take several outdoor trips each month. Our leadership development, worship, small groups, and outdoor adventures happen just about every day.

Check out our website for more info! 

President: Emma Julia Urback, ejurback@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Whitney Gonzales, wdgonzales@fortlewis.edu


Through the Trees

Through the Trees will make a continuous effort to provide under privileged kids in the community of Durango with all the necessities to participate in outdoor recreation. From shoes, to a ride to the trail, or snack with a view, this organization will assist kids with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and positive space. 

President: Xeno Hansen, cchansen@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: James Grizzard, jgrizzard@fortlewis.edu

Village Aid Project

Village Aid Project at Fort Lewis College is dedicated to bringing sustainable and holistic development solutions to citizens of the developing world. These solutions include education, economics, health, and engineering solutions. In doing so, we will create an internationally responsible and well rounded student.

President: Mac Greene, jmgreene@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Don May, MAY_D@fortlewis.edu




FLC A+ Gaming

Flc A+ Gaming is a Student Organization dedicated to helping students have fun and succeed at Fort Lewis College. We achieve this through gathering to play board games, and table top RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons.

President: Evan Miller, ehmiller@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Deb Walker, walker_d@fortlewis.edu

Student Alumni Networking

Our purpose is to connect students, alumni, and the community with the goal of better preparing students for finding careers after graduation. We do this by educating them and providing them with experience in the networking world.

President: Kallie Tatlis, katatlis@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Theresa Hilliard, tdhilliard@fortlewis.edu

Student Union Productions (SUP)

Student Union Productions (SUP) serves as the student programming board that represents the diverse interests of the Fort Lewis College student body. SUP seeks active student involvement through both participation in planning and attendance at events. SUP is responsible for producing a variety of special projects, larger events and cultural and educational programs to enhance the FLC Experience. 

Find out more on our website!

President: Sarah Beisswanger, smbeisswanger@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Grace Chang, gchang@fortlewis.edu

Super Smash Brothers Club

Super Smash Brothers club facilitate a friendly, competitive gaming environment centered around the video game series "Super Smash Brothers."

President: TBD
Advisor: David Pirrone, djpirrone@fortlewis.edu

Veteran's Club

The veterans club is being established to assist current students, alumni and their families who are current or former members of the military and their dependents. The primary objective of the Veterans Club is to create a rally point for veterans and their dependents of the Fort Lewis College community where information can be shared in a welcoming environment.

President: TBD
Advisor: Terry Hobbs, hobbs_t@fortlewis.edu

Sports and Recreation

FLC Taekwon-Do

Fort Lewis Taekwon-Do is a club designed to help educate members in the martial art of Taekwon-Do. Members can gain and grow their knowledge of Taekwon-Do by participating in work outs, seminars, and tournaments. Fort Lewis Taekwon-Do Club is open to all Fort Lewis College students, faculty, staff, and surrounding area residents.

President: Scott Johnson, smjohnson2@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Patrick Fredricks, ptfredricks@fortlewis.edu

Fort Lewis College Running Club

Fort Lewis Running Club is for runners who love to run and want to be a part of a college running community.

President: TBD
Advisor: Dr. Jillian Wendburg, jlwendburg@fortlewis.edu

Fort Lewis Judo

Fort Lewis Judo aims to teach students self defense and the concepts of mutual benefit and respect in a martial arts setting.

President: TBD
Advisor: Victor Shmagin, vshmagin@fortlewis.edu

Native American Outdoor Club

The NAOC is enthusiastic about providing educational outdoor adventure opportunities to the Native and non-Native student population of Fort Lewis College. Through adventure activities the NAOC strives to influence cross cultural teachings while providing opportunities for students to become proficient in activity specific skills. We promote inclusitivity in a non-political environment to provide our members with a place to focus on outdoor self-discovery

President: Alven Miller, agmiller@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Laura Owens, ljowens@fortlews.edu

Recreational Leadership Club

The Recreational Leadership Club provides opportunities for members to learn and to develop strong leadership skills.We specialize in providing Fort Lewis College students, faculty, and staff members with productive and fun events designed with the campus community in mind. With the money that we raise, we send members to professional conferences to further their experiences and knowledge within collegiate recreational services.

President: Kyle VanBrunschot, kgvanbrunschot@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Brandon DenHartog, denhartog_b@fortlewis.edu

Skate Club

Skate Club is the Registered Student Organization that holds the skateboarding community together and brings an environment where every skater can thrive. During the week we cruise together and help each other learn new tricks, by the weekend we show off what we have learned in various competitions such as races, best tricks, best lines, etc.

President: TBD
Advisor: Nathan Brault, nabrault@fortlewis.edu