Martin Luther King posterThe MLK Day Peace March and Rally is a long running tradition at Fort Lewis College. This past year over two hundred members of the college community marched to the song “We Shall Overcome” with the assistance of the Fort Lewis College Concert Choir. This is the first year the choir has been part of the programming and performed two beautiful pieces in the rally following President Dene Kay Thomas’ opening speech. The open mic gathering focused on Everyday Heroes with people having the opportunity to give thanks to those people in our lives who strive each day to make the world a better place.

Tunnel of Oppression

For the time, the national Tunnel of Oppression was created here at Fort Lewis College with more than 100 volunteers creating 10 distinct scenes bringing to life many forms of oppression at play in our world today. From homelessness to domestic violence to racial profiling, short vignettes were followed by posters with statistics and examples of the violations enacted. About 500 people went through the tunnel and participated in the facilitated discussions that followed. Local and college organizations working to end various forms of oppression were available to disseminate information and sign up volunteers.