2016 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Poster

                         March and Rally

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Join us! – The annual march starts at 12:15 p.m. in front of the Center of Southwest Studies and ends in the Student Union where the inspirational Fort Lewis College Choir will perform at 12:30 p.m.

The Rally is an open mic inviting responses to the question “How can we live our lives in a way that honors Dr. King every day?”

Social Justice Workshops - Tools for making change!

Hands-on workshops will be offered to the college and the Durango community in the Student Union Ballroom. Click on poster to right for schedule or download the PDF for the Social Justice Fair Workshops

Moving the Movement: Street Dance Activism - Shamell Bell
The Street Dance Activism workshop provides the foundational tools to use street dance in demonstrations as a form of self-care, resistance, and team building. This workshop encourages the possibility for performance to disrupt social, economic, and historical paradigms and presents street dance as an alternative strategy for radical social change.

We will explore the use of these dances struggles for liberation that traces them to African diasporic traditions and war dances. During the workshop, dancers will learn basic hip-hop moves, but will also engage in team-building activities as they break into dance battle groups. The dancers will use the dance moves to choreograph their team’s dance battle and perform them.

Flash Mob for Change - Judy Austin and Felicia Meyer
This workshop will give students tools for creating theatre for social change, and the design is a metaphor for entering the social justice movement with an aspiration, personal connection, commitment, connection to others, and mindful awareness.

Fundamentals of Social Activism Screen Printing - Chris Buske
This workshop introduces the many mediums that can be used to create art for social activism, and provides students with the foundational tools to screen print their many ideas. This workshop will go through the steps and processes of making a basic screen-print, which the students can then print on poster board or a t-shirt, if they chose to bring one from home.

Mindful Listening as Activism - Megan Wrona and Sue Kraus
The ability to truly listen to each other is essential for those involved in social justice issues. This workshop will utilize the practice of mindfulness to be present as we learn to listen more deeply to the stories of others and build authentic connections and support within our community.

How to Build a Campaign that will Save the World - Rachel Landis & Environmental Center Student Staff
We all have ideas for what we want to do to make this world better---be it for us, for our planet, for the people around us. That said, to actually take those ideas and turn them into reality requires having a clear vision, building out a solid strategy and ultimately engaging the right tactics. These are SKILLS (Skill: Proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience per Webster-Miriam). Jump start your skill set and, thus ability to create change in this interactive workshop where we will explore a framework for building out effective campaigns.

Writing Away the Blinders - Eric Notaro
People use poetry, blogs, posters, and other modes of writing to express needs and desires and to facilitate meaningful action. This workshop gives participants the chance to express ideas, promote causes, and inspire action across multiple genres.

Lifestyle Movements - Kristina Kahl
Do you think Martin Luther King would have an iPad if he were living today? In this workshop we will learn how our consumption practices can challenge or reinforce inequalities. Come learn about how your individual lifestyle choices can promote larger social change!


Direct Action Activism 101 - Dirty Hands Collective
This will be an introductory workshop for those interested in getting involved in street-line protesting such as blockading a street or doing a die-in. This workshop will also include a discussion on security culture and building a campaign. Dirty Hands Collective is an anarchist collective based in Durango, Colorado.

Evening Program

A night of inspiring and interactive performance and education with the Black Lives Matter activists in the Student Union Ballroom beginning at 6:30 p.m.

For more information contact email Nancy Stoffer - 970-247-7170.