El Centro Students

Provided by the Native American Center, El Centro de Muchos Colores and Freshman Math Program

You have either received a card as a new freshman or transfer student, or have been referred to this link to check out what our professors recommend to your success at Fort Lewis College this year!

Thanks for taking your education seriously by using the following tips for success and please read on to find out more about the ‘freebies’ this card entitles you to. 

S = See your future—keep in mind the benefits of higher education and start looking forward to career opportunities - visit career services.

U = Use your resources—take advantage of the many helpful and FREE campus resources such as the Native American Center, El Centro, Algebra Alcove, Health Center and Counseling Center.

C = Connect on campus—meet new people and explore social events: dorm activities, join a student org, or visit various events on campus and in the community.

C = Connect with your faculty— get to class on time, come prepared, and participate.  Confused? Ask questions - professors are here to help you succeed. Visit your faculty during office hours; they want to help.  Communicate with your faculty; let them know when you’ll be absent and why.

E = Engage with the material—apply the material to the world around you. Find those connections with the world around you, how does the material you’re learning apply to your own life and future career?

S = See reality— the same study skills you used in high school may not work in college.  Use instructor and graded feedback (quizzes, midterms, homework, etc.) to adjust your study habits.

S = Study skills— Time management is key your success in college; plan to spend 2 hours of time outside of class per hour of class.  Still not understanding the material? Ask for help, many programs offer FREE tutoring.

  • Get help EARLY. If you are struggling early, help is available – get help EARLY. If you wait until after midterms, it will be much harder for you to catch up.
  • Read each assignment thoroughly; make sure you understand the assignment.  Be sure you do everything the assignment requires—there are often several parts or steps.
  • The bottom line is that YOU have to take responsibility for your education - give yourself enough time to study and absorb the material.  Take your education seriously; treat your classes as if it was your job. It’s your future.
  • The few or single times you are absent, make sure you still turn your work in on time, and you know what is expected day you return.
  • If you are struggling in one of your classes, take advantage of FREE tutoring on campus!  Send an email to tutoring to get a tutor request form, or call 970-247-7434.

Special thanks to the following faculty members who made these tips possible:

Chris Goold; Lloyd Chittenden; Kate Pritchard; Brian Burke; Ellen Paul; Cynthia Dott; Suzanne Null; Ray Kenny; Crystal Fankhauser

FREEBIES you are entitled to with your STUDENT SUCCESS Tip card:

  1. “Get out of Jail Free pass” For all Freshman Math Program courses (TRS 82, TRS 92, Math 110, Math 105):  Students will be given a “Get out of Jail Free” pass which they can use to get credit on a late homework assignment. To receive this reward, the students must:
    • Visit the instructor in his/her office during office hours or by appointment during the first three weeks of class (September 17 will be the last day allowed)
    • Bring their Success cards with them (or copy of the Tips for Success)
    • Students may come with a friend, but no more than two students at a time
  2. “Half-off One Breakfast Burrito” This card entitles you to one breakfast burrito at half price from El Centro de Muchos Colores and Club del Centro. Breakfast Burrito sales are advertised across campus and are held once per month. Please present your card at El Centro when you purchase your burrito at the time of the sale.
  3. “Free Counseling” This card entitles you to one free counseling session at our Fort Lewis College counseling Center. The counseling center offers all students enrolled in at least eight credits one intake session and four free counseling sessions. Some issues often addressed in counseling include (but are not limited to) stress, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, identity issues, body image, eating disorders, relationships with others, loneliness, physical and emotional abuse, changes in functioning and irritability. Students who need additional therapy beyond the free session may pay an additional $35 fee, but when you present this card you will receive your fifth visit at no charge. For more information or to schedule your appointment, call 970-247-7212.
  4. “Free Food” This card entitles you to free food at the first Residence Hall Association meeting to be held Wednesday, Sept. 1. Please see your hall staff for more information.

    Important Contact Information

      • Native American Center 970-247-7221
      • El Centro 970-247-7654
      • Program for Academic Advancement 970-247-7692
      • Health Center 970-247-7355
      • Housing 970-247-7503
      • Advising 970-247-7301
      • Algebra Alcove 970-247-7234
      • Writing Center 970-382-6934
      • PCS Center 970-247-7169
      • Financial Aid 970-247-7142
      • Library 970-247-7270
      • Career Services 970-247-7562
      • Tutoring Services 970-247-7434
      • Counseling Center 970-247-7212