The Leadership Enrichment and Development program is designed to develop in students the awareness, conviction, passion, knowledge, and skills to make a positive difference on campus and beyond. Participants in this program will explore their personal strengths and how that relates to being productive citizens in a complex world while understanding that how we see the world is impacted by our unique identities.

The LEAD cohort program is comprised of four levels starting with Bronze, advancing to Silver then Gold, and concludes with Platinum. By participating in LEAD, students will gain a better understanding of leadership styles, learn to recognize the power of a team, and develop the potential to create change.

Similar to a student organization or a class, the cohort model offers individuals the opportunity to grow in a group setting through a shared experience. Each level will meet once a week to participate in a one hour workshop and a 30-minute small group meeting.

Benefits of the LEAD program:

  • Focuses on your individual strengths
  • Connect with other student leaders
  • Network and learn from experienced professionals
  • Excellent résumé builder
  • Certificate and recognition upon completion
  • FREE program!

If you have any questions, please contact the Leadership Programs Coordinator.