The Leadership Center has different learning outcomes for the various populations that are served.

Common Learning Outcome for 2020-21

Students who engage as ASFLC members or work in the Leadership Center as student staff can identify an awareness of diversity and articulate how to contribute to an inclusive social climate.

Front Desk Staff 

  1. Following the completion of staff training and one semester of work, student assistants will be able to educate others about Leadership Center staff and the core services we offer, including RSO support, leadership development opportunities, and student events and programming.
  2. Student Assistants will be able to exhibit effective interpersonal communication when interacting with students and visitors coming into the LC. By the end of their first semester of work at the Leadership Center front desk, Leadership Center student assistants will demonstrate improved technology skills.
  3. All student staff can effectively articulate the importance of being involved and engaged during their college experience.
  4. Leadership Center student assistants will display professional responsibility by focusing on the career-related skills of managing time, communicating effectively, meeting deadlines, taking initiative, and displaying a positive attitude.

Registered Student Organizations

  1. RSO Officers will demonstrate the use of sustainable practices by selecting new officers before the end of each academic year and leaving a positive balance in the RSO account.
  2. ASFLC members will demonstrate an understanding of shared governance by FLC by participating in committees, events, programs, and other functions.
  3. ASFLC members will understand and correctly utilize the legislative process including the ASFLC Constitution, Robert Rules of Order, writing bills and resolutions.
  4. RSO officers will be able to identify keep offices and resources on campus to provide the assistance they need to be effective leaders and host successful events.
  5. RSO officers will be knowledgeable of RSO policies and correctly utilize RSO documents such as travel authorizations and check request forms.

Student Union Productions

Students who actively participate for two academic semesters on the student programming board will:

  1. Identify an awareness of diversity and articulate how to contribute to an inclusive social climate
  2. Achieve a balance between education and co-circular activities by articulating 3 SMART goals and maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  3. Be able to identify a connection between their academic studies and extracurricular activities, and explain how that connection will benefit them after they graduate from Fort Lewis College
  4. Demonstrate effective programming through the utilization of personnel and financial resources, engaging others in the planning process, implementation of risk management strategies and delegation of tasks