2019-20 Registered Student Organizations

Note: CampusVibe, the platform behind Skyhub, has gone out of business and the website no longer works as of January 20, 2020.  The Leadership Center is currently reviewing replacement platforms. 

A+ Gaming

A+ Gaming teaches students leadership, critical thinking, and cooperation via fun board games and tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and more. All are welcome, and you don't need to be a "nerd" to play. Come de-stress and make fantastic friends!

ASFLC (Associated Students of Fort Lewis College)

The Associated Student of Fort Lewis College is the official student government at FLC. We include various elected members who serve as execs (president and VP) and senators plus two positions that are selected by the execs - administrative assistant and the Financial Allocation Board director. ASFLC represents student interests at every level of the college, including the Board of Trustees, President's Cabinet, Budget Committee, and others.  ASFLC meets every Wednesday during the academic year at 7:00pm in 163 Student Union.  Want to stop by and see us in person?  Our suite is located in 167 Student Union, around the corner from the Info Desk.

AAPG (American Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Student Chapter program plays a critical role by providing an avenue where undergraduate and geology students can engage in meaningful networking opportunities, and connect with professionals in geological careers, both inside and outside of academia. This program's focus is to network students while giving important insight to industry experience and the fields of sedimentation, petroleum and natural resources within the geosciences.

AIHEC (American Indian Higher Education Consortium)

A unique community of tribally and federally chartered institutions working to strengthen tribal nations and make a lasting difference in the lives of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society)

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society strives to increase the representation of First Nations, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and other indigenous peoples in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers.

AIBL (American Indigenous Business Leaders)

The mission of AIBL is to increase the representation of American Indians and Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through education and leadership development opportunities. AIBL is the only American Indian non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States. Our programs are designed to engage students in activities that stimulate, enhance, and expand educational experiences beyond traditional academic methods. All students are encouraged to participate in AIBL regardless of race, academic major, or career objectives. AIBL was organized in January 1994 and was recognized as a 501(c)(3) in 1995 on the University of Montana’s campus in Missoula as a result of the founder, and first Executive Director, Michelle Henderson’s (Assiniboine) master thesis. The original idea evolved from concern expressed by many tribal leaders that recognized a critical need for educated, experienced members to assist with tribal economic development efforts.

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

The American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) at Fort Lewis College facilitates a community of artists and graphic designers. We strive for networking between students, faculty, and the community. Students participate in group events, portfolio reviews, and attend trips to design conferences to expand their portfolios. We seek professionalism and preparing ourselves to enter the job market.

ASBMB (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

ASBMB provides students interested in STEM disciplines the opportunity for national recognition via research, internships, and an honor society. Additional, ASBMB strives to provide the bridge between college academics and professional STEM application in preparation for graduation.

Bee Club

Bee Club is dedicated to educating students about bees and their relationship to the ecosystems around us. Students gain hands on beekeeping experience by interacting with the club’s hives.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi will shape the financial and business information professions by developing members into ethical, professional, and confident leaders. The purpose of BAP is to recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, finance, and information systems; promote the study and practice of professional fields related to these disciplines; provide opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing financial professionals; encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union strives to support and celebrate the Black/African American populations on campus and in the community. We embrace and acknowledge Black and African identities through community building, professional development, and educational programming. We define our purpose to create safe spaces in our society through action, stewardship, and unity. 

Buffalo Council

Organization of storytelling, feeds, and collaborations with other RSO's to bring a greater awareness on campus of the different Native cultures and foods to Fort Lewis.

Christian Challenge

Christian Challenge is a college ministry designed to share the gospel message and God's love through a variety of programming opportunities. Join us for discussions, dinner nights, camping trips, hikes, and more. Our mission is to build a community for college students and to give them a home away from home.

Club del Centro

Club Del Centro is a multicultural student-led organization that focuses on promoting culture through the means of food, social, and educational events. Club members have equal opportunity in this collective community of empowered students and each person will be encouraged to share their diverse opinions and backgrounds. We will always strive to share duties equally and make our decisions in a collective, circular way rather than as a hierarchy. We prioritize collaboration with other clubs and diverse cultures and value the following principle: "Give back and pay it forward." We meet every Friday in El Centro at 5:30. 

Creative Collective

An inclusive gang of productive students with passions in studio arts.

Dance Co-Motion

Dance Co-Motion is a student run organization designed around the shared passion and interest of dance. Many styles are brought to the group including ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, belly dancing, and much more. All levels of dance experience are welcome. Everyone is welcome! Our main focus is to provide dance for enjoyment and many students come in with little, to no dance experience. Students choreograph pieces and put on a show, which brings a large crowd, at the end of every semester. It's a great way to get involved on campus and be a part of the community! Discover friendships and new dance styles with Dance Co-Motion!

Dine’ Club

Diné club is for everyone , if you're from the city or the rez, come hang out and dive deeper into what it means to native on college campus.

Environmental Center*

The Environmental Center is your Fort Lewis College resource for advancing environmental, social and sustainable change! Our work is centered around several student-driven initiatives currently focused on food, waste, and energy issues. We also work hard to connect FLC students with other campus and community opportunities to make positive environmental, social, and sustainability impacts. Drop in any time to get involved with us!

FLCatholic Newman Club

The Newman Club is Fort Lewis' local campus Catholic ministry, offering a safe and laid-back environment for college students to practice and explore their faith. We host Sunday communion services or Mass on campus, occasional weekend outings, and weekly meetings every Monday at 7pm in the Dolores room of the Student Union. All are welcome to participate.

Feminist Voice

Fierce advocates for sexual health, social justice, and busting stigmas through activism. Working on issues in Durango, the Four Corners, and around the world.

Fort Lewis Freeride

Fort Lewis Freeride is all about having a big snow culture and having fun during winter in the mountains. We aim to ski/ride as much as possible while bringing the snow culture to everyone.

Fort Lewis Gaming Society

The purpose of our club is to create a social space for anyone interested in gaming or esports, and to promote the gaming culture at Fort Lewis College. Our goals are to bring in esport teams, promote diversity in the gaming world, establish annual events for gaming, and build sub-communities for different types of gaming (ex. tabletops, board games, consoles). Our activities will facilitate gaming events, competitions, esports, streaming, and viewing of esport streaming.

Fort Libertarians

Fort Libertarians is a political organization dedicated to the values of small government, individualism and liberty. We organize activism events and campus speakers to educate the Fort Lewis campus community about libertarian values.

Geology Club

The purpose of Geology Club at FLC is 3-fold: Provide opportunities for the professional and academic advancement of students in the geosciences, to increase interest in the geosciences among Fort Lewis students and the general public, and to plan events which are both engaging and informative while facilitating the above goals.

Grub Hub Food Pantry (Sociology Club)

The Grub Hub Food Pantry is a food justice-minded organization committed to serving students and community members, breaking down the stigma behind food insecurity, and sharing good food through free hot lunches and a free food pantry filled with food from local farmers and dietary staples. We also work with local non-profits and businesses to bring food to students in need.


The mission of H2Org is to equip a new generation of water leaders with information and skills to gain a career in a water profession and to share through service and education. 

Images Journal of Art and Literature

Images Magazine is Fort Lewis College’s literary magazine for the students by the students. Created in 1976, the purpose of the magazine is to showcase literary and art works created by Fort Lewis students and faculty. This publication provides an opportunity for students to not only have their work published, but to also bring our communities—both off campus and on—closer together in experiencing what contributors have to share.The magazine is published annually during the Spring semester, and, as of 2017, Images is produced as part of the ENG 464: Editing and Production class.

Indigenous Society of Psychologists

Indigenous Society of Psychologists is an organization with the intent of creating supportive relationships that provide a professional network within the field of Psychology. Our members work together to raise awareness for the mental health conditions that impact indigenous communities. The educational resources we share further advance our understanding of Psychology, and our communal support gives students the tools they need to become leaders. 

KDUR Radio*

KDUR, volunteer-powered community radio, creates a bridge between Fort Lewis College and La Plata County, offering diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs programming. KDUR provides educational and training opportunities in a professional setting for Fort Lewis College students and community members. KDUR DJ's are the backbone of this organization. Thousands of students and community members have come through KDUR, bringing you the variety of music you've come to love. Some DJ's go onto have careers in radio, but many don't. The just love to play music, learn about new music, and bring the listeners and community new music. Our youngest DJ's are teenagers; our oldest over 60. They are the reason KDUR remains one of the most diverse stations in the nation.

Keeping Women Wild

Keeping Women Wild is an organization created at Fort Lewis College for women and men seeking to empower women in the outdoors. If you hike, bike, ski/snowboard, climb and even ice climb then this is the club for you. Even better, if you have no experience in the outdoors but you're seeking to get out there, Keeping Women Wild is perfect for learning new hobbies and become part of a community of some rad mountain chicks that love to be outside.   Anyone is welcome to join! 

Left Hand Path

The Fort Lewis Left Hand Path group is a collective of students seeking an outlet to explore their interests in darker themed artwork, metal/rock music, and other forms of modern entertainment such as movies, gaming, etc. Group activities will include music event production and exploration, concert trips, darker themed arts and crafts, movie nights, and more. We're open to anyone and everyone, and students will gain hands-on event production experience and build relationships among their peers and professionals in the art and music field.

Master Plan Ministries

Master Plan Ministries purpose is to create a community where students will develop as an individual, have a lot of fun on campus, make great friends, and grow closer to God. The goal is to welcome all to be involved, to connect with each other, and with God.

NAfME Fort Lewis College

"The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is the only professional association that addresses all aspects of music education. More than 68,000 active, retired, and collegiate members represent all teaching levels from kindergarten through college. Through its many programs, initiatives, and resources, NAfME works to promote the importance of music education, foster the best possible school music programs across the nation, and advance music education as a profession."  In the Fort Lewis College NAfME chapter, we hope to further the goals of the association listed above locally in Durango schools and the surrounding area, as well as to provide important opportunities for professional development in the field of music education for Fort Lewis students.


The Queer-Straight Alliance is a group that is focused on inviting people from all backgrounds to participate and learn about the communities around us. 

Pejuta Tipi Society

The purpose of this student organization is to host drum ties, discussions about the Native American Church and our experiences in the church, as well as educating those who wish to know more about our beliefs. Along with that, our main goal is to host ceremonies throughout the semester, whether those be sweats or a NAC meeting.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is a group that hosts speakers to give a talk on a philosophical subject. The meeting also includes question/discussion time for students and the public to engage with the speaker on the subject matter.

Photography Club

Designed to inspire creativity in students at FLC in a unique way that is not provided through classes or a major. Our club provides an opportunity for students to step outside of the classroom and utilize the culture and surrounding landscape of La Plata county. Our goal as a club is to educate and welcome students into the world of photography.

Pre-Health Club

Thinking about entering a healthcare profession, but don’t know where to start? FLC Pre-Health Club can help you...

  • Meet pre-health academic requirements
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Gain clinical experience 
  • Attend seminars held by healthcare professionals 
  • Attend application workshops
  • Network with professionals



Pueblo Alliance

We are an on-campus club dedicated to cultivating Native American Pueblo identity here at Fort Lewis College. We are committed to bringing together diverse groups of students to network, share, and learn about the rich culture and identity of the 21 Indigenous Pueblos throughout the southwest. Our mission is to work together to organize fun, exciting events on campus, and give students the opportunity to get to know one another in an atmosphere that celebrates the values of community, pueblo style. Our biggest event, "The Annual Feast Day", is one in which we invite various pueblo dance groups, host keynote speakers, provide workshops, and cater guests with awesome cultural foods! Come join us!!

Residential Hall Association (RHA)

RHA members have the great job of planning programs and activities for students on campus. Residents often come to RHA with their concerns about living on campus and in turn RHA works to make Fort Lewis College an even better place to live. Students involved with RHA are an integral part of the planning and implementation of many social, educational, cultural and recreational programs designed specifically for Fort Lewis College residential students. RHA is part of the international organization NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) and RHA members attend conferences across the United States to promote residence hall living. RHA teaches students leadership skills for life, including organizational and communication skills, event planning, teamwork, how to publicize activities, time management and much more! If you are looking for a rewarding experience, meeting new friends and working to enhance your Fort Lewis College experience, RHA is for you!


Rooted is a Christian college ministry for anyone who is looking to grow their faith, learn more bout Christianity, or just stop by for a free meal. We are a community of friends that do activities together throughout the week and support each other through life.

SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability)

"The Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability program is the flagship award-winning education program of the Ecological Society of America. Its mission is to diversify and advance the ecology profession through opportunities that stimulate and nurture the interest of underrepresented students to participate, and to lead in ecology. The core SEEDS program components offer hands-on, engaging experiences with ecology that exhibit the relevance and applications of the science. Each experience also provides opportunities to interact with a diverse group of ecologists and other motivated students to both broaden and deepen students’ understanding of ecology and potential careers. Focused mainly at the undergraduate level, with extension services for communities, high schools, graduate students, and international collaborations, the SEEDS program promotes an ecology profession with wide representation to ensure environmental understanding and a sustainable future for all."

STEM Volunteering Network

STEM Volunteering Network strives to give students learning experiences with an emphasis on science (but all majors are welcome). These learning experiences will include; how to find a summer internship, volunteering opportunities, and networking with people who are in a similar major.

SkyRocks Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering

In this group we will be designing, building, and then launching high power rockets to compete in the Spaceport America Cup. This is a national competition for any school to get involved with. It is hosted by the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition and is held every year during the summer. We will build a rocket to carry a payload with a minimum mass of 8.8 pounds to either 10,000 or 30,000 feet. The payload can either be a dead weight or conduct experiments during the flight. The Spaceport America cup (https://www.spaceportamericacup.com/) is a national competition hosted during the summer on the Spaceport America rocket launch site in New Mexico. The event is sponsored by Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and others. There are also representatives from big aerospace companies looking for engineers there. This is a great opportunity to get experience working on a real engineering project, and to network with potential employers.

Social Dance Club

Social Dance Club is a place where you can learn different types of social dance from the beginning level. Some of the dances we learn are: swing, salsa, waltz, bachata, and more! We meet every Thursday from 1-2pm in the Theatre Building (Room 122, "The Gallery"). We also host multiple public dances throughout the school year. Open to everyone - no prior experience or partner needed!

SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science)

The Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists from college students to professionals to attain advanced degrees, career, and positions of leadership in science. The primary goal of this organization is to increase the retention rates of Chicano/Hispanics and Native Americans studying science at Fort Lewis College and to assist them attain the highest achievements they seek. 

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a global organization that works to develop professional excellence in women engineers as all stages of their personal and professional lives. SWE at Fort Lewis College hopes to foster a sense of community among the women in STEM majors as well as fostering an interest in STEM majors and careers in younger students through our K-12 outreach program. 

Sociology Club (see Grub Hub)

Student Union Productions (SUP)

Student Union Productions is the Fort Lewis College student organization providing the highest quality entertainment to fit FLC students wants and needs. Our goal is to provide fun events for all Fort Lewis College Students to enjoy!

The Independent

The Independent News Magazine (Indy) is a bi-monthly news publication that provides a service to Fort Lewis College students, faculty and staff, as well as the community of Durango. The publication is free and strives to provide accurate and well-balanced news coverage, as well as a platform for community businesses to advertise directly to our growing audience. The Independent is dedicated to producing print, online, and video content in order to inform students with a diverse range of interests, on and off campus. The staff pushes to reach and represent all factions of the student body through various channels of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Our website has multiple weekly updates, centering on activities and events happening on campus while our new Video Production department records and edits video profiles and news coverage for a visual audience. Through these various mediums and opportunities, The Independent allows students to gain professional work experience as a part of a publication which strives to publish quality news and information with integrity. 

Transfer Student Organization

Transfer Student Organization is a student lead organization that supports transfer students with a place to go if they have questions about Fort Lewis groups, networking, events, workshops, in any major. TSO is an excellent place if you are new to campus, but not a first-year student.

Village Aid Project

The Village Aid Project (VAP) is a student focused, humanitarian organization that helps poor communities in the developing world construct improved water and sanitation systems as well as other projects that address critical community needs. VAP gives students an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to solving “real” problems in engineering, education, health, economics and more. Through these volunteer efforts students gain an understanding of different cultures and what it means to be a global citizen.  Since 2005, hundreds of students, faculty and community partners have completed more than 40 VAP projects in Asia, South America and Central America helping thousands of people.

Vinyl Record Club

This organization will hopefully bring all Fort Lewis College record collectors together to help new or experienced record collectors gain insight on new types of music, artists, and songs, raise awareness about the importance of owning physical forms of their music, and getting the whole album experience. We will try to establish a vinyl record community in Durango where people can share great music with each other.

Wanbli Ota

Wanbli Ota means Many Eagles in the Lakota language. We are a student-run, non-profit organization at Fort Lewis College. Our goal is to promote cultural diversity on campus as well in our surrounding communities. Our events happen throughout the academic year, and our biggest event is the annual Hozhoni Days celebration and Pow Wow. Anyone is welcome to join Wanbli Ota. We welcome all new members!

Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC)

The Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC) is a student-led health and wellness organization directed and promoting healthy campus choices and options for FLC students. Using a humanistic approach, WellPAC aims to put forth programs that cater to the physical, social, and emotional health of FLC students. WellPAC utilizes a variety of educational programs, trainings, outreach efforts, and peer consultations using Motivational Interviewing techniques. These techniques provides recsources for students that will support them to be happy, healthy, and successful individuals and students.

Women in SOBA

Women in the School of Business Administration Club, although not just exclusive to women, gives students a plethora of opportunities. Throughout the year we offer a mentorship program, networking events, a Professional Clothing Drive (where students can get professional clothes in exchange for a donation to the club), and socials. Our club members gain experience in event planning, networking, and marketing through these events.