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FLC students using a handlens in a forensic biology field course

Just as we protect your health, we will protect your academic experience. The safety modifications we’ve made to instruction will not hinder your studies, but will support your goals for an engaging and experiential education at FLC. We remain true to our equity goals and addressing the digital divide as we continue to navigate our new circumstances.

  • Course delivery
  • Online support
  • Grades & attendance
  • Academic services
  • Finals
Course delivery

Fall 2020 classes will predominately be offered in-person, with modifications made on a class-by-class basis.

Many of our smaller classes will be able to meet as planned in classrooms where students will remain safely distanced. For our larger classes, we are monitoring state guidelines as they continue to refine their restrictions and requirements for gatherings of people. There are exceptions to broader public health safety measures for higher education institutions and we will adjust accordingly.

Our goal is to provide the same FLC classroom experience this coming fall regardless of the delivery methods – our faculty are dedicated to our students’ success, and while we don’t have specific decisions on every course yet, that information will be posted here as soon as we do. Cleaning supplies will be available in all of our classrooms, labs, studios and study spaces across campus.

For our Skyhawks that are not ready to return to in-person instruction in the fall, we will be building out some courses that are exclusively online. While none of our undergraduate degree programs will be entirely online, we are working to provide online options to help students stay on track during this time. (see “Online Support” section for details)

Online support

In-person courses will use Canvas and other software to supplement the academic experience, keep students connected, and maintain learning if/when classroom attendance is not possible. Faculty are currently working to build out offerings that will still capture the FLC experience in a virtual classroom, including hybrid, hyflex, and split-section courses.

Additionally, some courses will be available completely online for students who are unable to return to campus in the Fall. We are planning to offer a variety of online courses from general education through upper division courses. We are still working on our online offerings – keep checking back for updates.

Faculty unable to teach in person will be using alternative teaching methods, including online through Canvas and/or Zoom.

Grades & attendance

Courses will be graded in standard letter grading.

Attendance policies are determined by the individual faculty member teaching the course, but will be modified according to the course’s delivery structure. Faculty are encouraged to remain flexible while taking into consideration COVID-19 accommodations.

Students may make changes to their course schedule until Tuesday, September 8 (Census date), although dropping below full-time after classes begin may result in non-refundable charges. We advise students to read syllabi carefully and talk with their professors about course expectations during the first week of class.

Academic services

Right now our academic support services across campus are adapting their offices, spaces and operating procedures to make sure that we can still provide the exceptional level of support and personalized attention that you’ve come to expect at Fort Lewis College.

Tutoring, the Writing Center, The Math Assistance Center and our Peer Educators will be making much of their support available online – making use of Canvas and Zoom meetings to connect directly with students, while also modifying in-person options to safely accommodate students.

Disability Services will be available to students and reasonable accommodations will be provided regardless of the mode of delivery for a particular class.

Our professors will also remain a great contact for students with questions about their specific courses and are often the first line of defense in supporting our students in their academic success. 


Final exams online

Last day of classes

Your last day of in-person classes is on Tuesday, November 24. On Wednesday, November 25, you'll have classes online--this will be the last day of classes for the semester.

Monday, November 30 is a review day for you to prepare for online final exams, which begin on Tuesday, December 1.

Plan for technology

All final exams will be online. Please plan accordingly. Residence halls will remain open until December 5 to facilitate access to the internet. Talk with your instructors if you foresee any barriers to completing coursework and final exams online after Fall Break.

Technology access

FLC student working on his laptop

We are doing everything in our power to build equity and inclusion into the education we deliver. This includes finding solutions to technological barriers. Once in-person instruction ends, FLC will work with any student who needs technology accommodations in order to be successful in their remote final assignments and exams.

Students should plan to be somewhere with internet connectivity during finals week, and also have a backup plan in place for where they can go and continue to work online in the event of another outbreak. Residence halls will remain open for students without alternative arrangements.

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