Collegiate athletics

We are continuing to monitor the NCAA and RMAC guidelines on allowing student-athletes back on campus prior to the start of the fall academic year. At this time, there is no confirmed date for student-athletes to return. We are working with Mercy Sports Medicine staff to align and implement national, state, and county guidelines to ensure the safety of our student-athletes and greater FLC community as they return to campus for summer voluntary and official fall pre-season workouts.

Prior to the arrival of student-athletes on campus, all athletics staff (administration, coaches and sports medicine) will complete safety training to understand and implement best practices for our student-athletes.

For further clarification on sport specific inquiries, please email the head coach directly.

Intramurals & recreation

Intramural sports and recreational activities at the Student Life Center will resume this fall, with social distancing accommodations in place.

Q & A

Minimizing transmission

If a student-athlete were to test positive for COVID-19, will my student-athlete be informed?    

We are partnering with San Juan Basin Public Health on contact tracing. Teammates and staff will be notified if they have potentially been exposed by a fellow student-athlete who has become ill.     

Football and all fall sports

Will there be a sports season this fall?   

The two conditions we need to meet to have a sports season are:

  1. Student-athletes are permitted back on campus for in-person, on-campus instruction based on the new academic calendar for fall, 2020. Currently, this is the case.
  2. The NCAA/RMAC guidelines allow for sports to be played this fall.

If we meet both of these conditions, we will have a football season. If any of these areas are not aligned, we will most likely push the competitive playing season back or cancel altogether.  

Are fans allowed at the games?  

It is still unclear if fans will be permitted at home contests in the fall. Our facilities are being reorganized to meet national, state and county guidelines for safe opening, including the use and cleaning of the space for any guests or visitors should they be allowed.  

Will the games be available to view via live stream?   

Yes, all games will continue to be live streamed on whether or not we are able to allow fans into the venues.

Summer camps

Will there be summer camps in July?  

Summer camps may commence on July 11 – July 31, 2020 based on the State of Colorado camp guidelines. This is dependent upon FLC’s campus being open, and at this time, no overnight camps are being permitted under state restrictions. 


Will scholarships be taken away if there are no sports in fall, 2020?   

No. Scholarships and financial aid will not be affected for the fall semester.

Intramurals & recreation

Will there be Intramurals offered in the fall?

Yes, however, the events will be modified to ensure safety for all participants. 

Are the Student Life Center & Outdoor Pursuits open?

Student Life Center & Outdoor Pursuits will be open this fall with physical distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols in place. However, at this point we do not have a re-opening date. Please check back later for more details about all modifications to our operations as we look out for everyone’s safety.