Stay healthy, stay nourished

San Juan Dining and retail locations around campus are open for residents and commuters. Similar to your favorite restaurants, we have expanded sanitation behaviors, grab-and-go and pre-packaged options, and safety considerations. We are committed to ensuring you remain satisfied and confident dining with us.

We will closely monitor all state and local regulations and recommendations to be current with the rapidly changing situations and be flexible in serving the campus needs.

Enter San Juan Dining and personally choose what food options you would like. Campus dining will safely assemble food in a to-go container for you to enjoy.

Need a quick meal? Come to the Rocket Express. The Rocket Grill has changed to Rocket Express for the Spring semester. Rocket Express will feature hot and cold food options in a to-go container for your convenience. Use a meal plan swipe, declining balance funds, or cash for lunch or dinner.

Eating and masks

Please follow arrows and use the “stand here” indicators to maintain physical distance. Until further notice, seating in San Juan Dining is not available. While purchasing items in all campus dining locations, a mask is required. While eating around campus, a mask is not required.

Additional considerations

Hours of operation

We have tailored hours of operations to fit with class times and allowing more time for staggering visits. Please see Campus Dining for hours of operation at all locations.

Dietary requirements  

We offer allergen-free options in San Juan Dining Hall. Due to these unusual circumstances, please communicate with campus dining on what your needs are to ensure they are being met.  

Campus catering 

Campus Dining is ready to customize your catering order to ensure your guests’ safety. Please contact Catering to discuss your catering needs to allow us to offer solutions to feed your guests. 

Contact Dining Services

For the fastest response to Campus Dining questions, please contact Gina Rios at

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Dining Q&A

Will there be seating in San Juan Dining?

Seating in San Juan Dining is prohibited until COVID-19 case levels are low enough for in-person dining to be considered safe for the campus community. Until in-person dining is safe, you may enter San Juan Dining and personally choose what food options you would like to take to-go.

Will there be a grab-and-go option?

Yes, San Juan Dining and Rocket Express has hot and cold food options that may be taken to-go. In San Juan Dining, choose any meal and food options and campus dining staff will package your food safely. Pre-selected hot and cold meals will be available at Rocket Express for a fast, quick option.

Will I still be able to find a meal that meets my dietary requirements?

Yes, there are allergen-free options in the dining hall. Due to these unusual circumstances, please communicate with Campus Dining about your needs to ensure they are being met. 

Will the Rocket in the Student Union be open?

The Rocket Grill has transformed into the Rocket Express with hot and cold meals packaged in grab-and-go containers. This option is available for meal plan holders and other campus community members that need a quick meal.

When does my meal plan begin?

January 24, 2021.