Safely come together

In the spirit of balancing the need for events with the need for safety, we’ll be making some adjustments to the ways we run events on campus. The use of campus spaces by staff, faculty, and students (including Registered Student Organizations), will be limited compared to what we have all enjoyed previously, and events will follow strict protocols, including physical distancing, face coverings, and hygiene.

Safety measures for events

Formal indoor and outdoor events have a variety of mandated requirements to follow. A sample of these requirements include: restricted gathering size dependent on area (see group size section), information on attendees will be collected, six feet physical distancing maintained — including queues to enter, traffic flow direction established, seating spaced, reminders and signage for participants about protocols to follow provided, enhanced cleaning, served/seated catering only (no buffets, generally discouraged since people need to remove masks to eat/drink), hand sanitizers available, and refrain from use of game equipment or other items that are shared. Please contact the Student Union and Event Services Team for assistance as you consider planning campus events.

Informal events: current orders from the State of Colorado on personal gatherings, socializing, and informal events that do not have the structure described above, are capped at 10 people.

Group size

Meeting and event attendee limits will follow the guidelines established by the College and local and state public health.  Size limits as of July 6, 2020 are 100 for formal indoor events and 175 for formal outdoor events and will change as guidance evolves. Again, note these numbers still require the appropriate physical distancing and most rooms on campus will not allow for the maximum numbers listed here.

Virtual events

We will focus on providing virtual, online experiences for students. We'll work with all groups to first explore the option of hosting  meetings and/or events online in order to minimize risk.

Off-campus groups

We are closing the campus to off-campus/community groups who wish to use our common spaces such as the Ballroom, Whalen Gymnasium, Student Life Center, Vallecito Room, and all other spaces through the Fall semester. (Community Concert Hall is not hosting events or concerts through December 31, 2020.)  

* Note: Classes and dining are considered essential responsibilities and may operate outside the restrictions above with approval from the College.

Q & A

Orientation & Peak Experience

Will there be an in-person Orientation? 

Yes. Orientation for new students will have both online and in-person elements. The in-person Orientation will be held on Sunday, August 23. Orientation for family members of new students will be offered in an online format only. Find out more about Orientation.

How will the new calendar impact my Peak Experience?  

Peak Experience dates have shifted with the new calendar. Find our more about Peak Experience

Winter commencements

How will winter commencement be affected?   

Due to health and safety, a standard winter commencement is unlikely, however, we have come up with several ideas to celebrate with our new graduates. We will be polling the graduating seniors on their preferences and announce a plan once votes are in. Check back here for the latest information.

Meetings, rooms & tabling

My department or Registered Student Organization wants to have a meeting or host an event – may we do that?

Yes – as long as you adhere to the campus restrictions around physical distancing, face coverings, and hygiene. You may not be able to use the room you are accustomed to so consider hosting your meetings and discussions outdoors if weather permits it. We also recommend you host your meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom as an option.  

My department or Registered Student Organization wants to host a small event and invite community members to attend – is that permissible?  

Through the Fall Semester, FLC is requiring that meetings and events follow the San Juan Basin Public Health and the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s group gathering guidelines. We suggest limiting the number of nonessential visitors, guests, volunteers, and activities involving external (non-FLC) groups or organizations.  

May my organization reserve a room for our meeting or event?  

Faculty, staff, and students may submit room and space requests online. FLC is temporarily limiting the use of FLC rooms and spaces (indoor and outdoor) for FLC entities only through the Fall Semester, and not entertaining requests from outside groups. We will be monitoring the situation and making policy updates as we learn more about the virus and its impact on our campus and in the community.   

Will my organization be allowed to table inside the Student Union?  

Tabling in the Student Union will be allowed on a limited basis to provide adequate physical distancing. 

Can I reserve a room for an event I want to hold in 2021?

Yes - you may submit your room and space request online for consideration. Please know that we may need to extend space closures or cancellations into 2021 based on local health considerations.