Visiting campus safely

We are committed to exceptional customer service and individualized admission counseling while being mindful of safety for our guests and campus community. We are increasing the number of scheduled daily visits while also limiting each visit time to two families. We have modified campus tours that will highlight student housing, student life, the academic experience, and our beautiful location.

Additionally, we have more Open House opportunities with reduced attendance, breakout sessions with smaller groups instead of large group presentations, and physical distancing built into every aspect of the schedule.

Q & A

Campus & group tours

When will I be able to visit campus for a tour? 

Campus tours will resume on Monday, June 29 and will be offered Monday through Friday at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. Sign up for a tour online.   

What is the plan to accommodate Group Tours?  

Currently, we are encouraging all potential group visits to schedule a virtual group visit by sending the request to .

Meeting with faculty

Will I still be able to meet with a professor while I am on campus?  

When you sign-up for a visit/tour, you will have the option to request a professor visit. If you request one, we will reach out to the faculty in your interested academic area and see who is available. For guests’ and faculty safety, we can also set-up phone calls or Zoom meetings so you can engage with our amazing faculty.

Safety measures

Will masks be required during visits?

Yes, masks are required for guests as well as Admission staff. The Admission Office will provide guests a mask upon arrival.  

What safety measures will be in place to make my visit safe?  

The Admission Office has two visit rooms and will allow one family in each space and then an Admission Counselor will join them. This will limit everyone’s potential exposure to other guests and staff. There will also be the option to meet outside on some patio furniture as weather allows. Then one student tour guide will take each family around campus. With these safety measures in place, it also allows families a personalized visit and tour.  

What safety measures will be in place for the larger Open House events?  

At each Open House event, the attendance will be kept low, we will utilize breakout sessions with small groups instead of a large group presentation, and families will be instructed to keep physical distancing in the sessions and during the breaks.