Healthy community

Housing staff will continue to provide assistance to all residents in each one of their communities and will work with residents to create a vibrant community by providing support and a sense of belonging. Community engagement will continue to be the highest priority.

Reduce density

More rooms are designated as singles to reduce density to allow better physical distancing in the residence halls. Gatherings for events and activities are limited to group size governed by Colorado and/or local public health guidance. Virtual programming will be utilized more, as will individual outreach to students.


Sanitation and cleaning protocols, consistent with CDC guidance, are in place for resident safety. Rooms are set aside for quarantine and isolation for students that develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.

Dates & dollars

The housing contract for the fall semester starts on the day of assigned arrival and runs through December 5. Rates will remain at those of the 2019-2020 academic year to best support students and help them in their academic endeavors. This year the housing deposit is refundable through move-in or midnight before the first day of classes (whichever comes first).

Move-in dates

Housing will be available before classes start to allow for staggered arrivals. Staggering arrivals allows us to reduce the density of people moving into any building at the same time. Please check your FLC email for more information about your assignment and move-in date and time. You'll receive four important emails:

  • Email #1: HOUSING SURVEY -- June 17
    You should have received an email with a survey for you to request a move-in time, and let Housing staff know about any changes to your requested residence from when you originally applied (e.g. single room instead of a roommate). 
  • Email #2: PLACEMENT -- mid-July
    You will get your housing placement notice, including building, room, and roommate contact information.
  • Email #3: MOVE-IN DETAILS -- mid-July
    You will receive an email with your Housing move-in/check-in date and time.
  • Email #3: FINAL DETAILS -- early August
    You will receive a reminder email with your move-in date and time, detailed move-in instructions, and other housing information, including your campus P.O. Box address.

If you cannot wait until mid-July for your move-in date, (for example, if you're booking plane tickets) please contact Student Housing directly. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Move-in campus map

Know where to park while you unload the car. Download your move-in map to help you navigate campus on move-in day.


Discounted housing rates

As we Gear Up for fall, we know that we will be asking all of you to take on additional personal responsibility to contribute positively to the safety of others. We have decided to use the Housing 2019-2020 academic year rates, rather than the planned rate increase that was previously approved. We hope this makes your academic year a little easier.

We will be offering more single rooms and spacing students out more to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The following room rates are per person, per semester. Please note that students who have already applied for housing have been sent an email during the week of June 15 with instructions to update or confirm their room preference.

General student housing

  • Single bedroom Suite – (Animas, Bader/Snyder, Cooper) $4,235   
  • Double bedroom Suite – Bader/Snyder, Camp, Cooper, Crofton, Escalante, West $3,344   
  • Single bedroom Traditional – Camp, Crofton, Escalante $3, 344  
  • Double bedroom Traditional – Camp, Crofton, Escalante $2,398  

Family Housing Units 

  • Apartment One Bedroom $3,696 
  • Apartment Two Bedroom $4,235 

For upper-division students 

  • Apartment Centennial One Bedroom $3,344  
  • Apartment Centennial Two Bedroom $2,772  
  • Apartments Mears Two Bedroom $3,696

If you have questions about your current placement or want to change your current selection, please contact the housing office directly.

Screening procedures prior to move-in

Students traveling from the US

Students will be screened for symptoms prior to move-in.

  • Symptomatic students will be tested and isolated. These students will isolate until cleared by Health Center staff.
  • Asymptomatic students will be eligible to test for COVID-19 virus and antibodies.
  • Asymptomatic students who test positive for COVID-19 will isolate until cleared by Health Center staff.

International students

Students will be screened for symptoms prior to move-in.

  • Symptomatic students will be tested and isolated.
  • These students will remain in isolation until cleared by Health Center staff.
  • Asymptomatic students will quarantine for 5 days and will be tested for COVID-19 virus and antibodies on Day 6. These students will remain in quarantine until cleared by Health Center staff.

Q & A

First-year students

Are first-year students required to live on campus as they normally do?    

Yes, the requirement is still in place, however, additional reasons have been added to the list of qualifying factors to be approved for an exemption, including COVID-19 related concerns.

Making changes to housing

My room preferences have changed since I first applied. Can I change it?   

Yes. Please refer to survey sent to your email the week of June 15. If you have questions or you were unable to complete the survey, contact the housing office. If you need to make updates, please do so by July 1. We will do all we can to accommodate one of your top choices.

How do I cancel my Housing Contract?  

For continuing and transfer students, you may cancel your contract online. Deposits will be refunded shortly after cancelations are received, so it is best to cancel as soon as you know your plans. We highly encourage cancellations by August 1. * Please note, first-year students are required to live on campus their first year (unless an exemption has been applied for and granted).

Safety procedures & accommodations

What are the prevention protocols that will be used in housing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?  

A number of strategies will be in place: 

  • COVID-19 testing for students who live on campus is highly encouraged. Fort Lewis College will be testing interested students before classes start. If you are interested in learning more about testing, please go to the Campus Health section for more information. 
  • Increased common area and bathroom cleaning frequency in compliance with CDC guidelines.   
  • Each room/suite/apartment will receive a disinfectant spray bottle. All students are highly encouraged to use this bottle in their room, as well as use the spray bottles provided in common areas after students are done using the space.   
  • Students are expected to follow CDC and public health guidelines, such as washing their hands consistently and maintaining physical distancing.  
  • Students are expected to wear face coverings when they are outside of their room/apartment. This includes when they leave their building, and while they use common areas in the Residence Hall or their apartment. 
  • Room changes will be limited to extenuating circumstances.   
  • Visitors and guests will not be permitted. 
  • More information about our new policies and guidelines due to COVID-19 will be available prior to move-in.

Will my friends be able to come visit my room?  

Guests and visitors will be restricted in residential buildings. Students are encouraged to meet others in an outside or larger area. Students living in the same building can visit their neighbors as long as physical distance requirements are met. Lounges and other common areas will be available for students of that residential community to study, watch a movie, or play pool.

I am in a vulnerable population for COVID complications. What are my options?   

Consult your doctor first. If you decide to live on or off campus, it is a personal choice. Please do what is best for you. You can utilize Disability Services on campus to help guide you in this decision. We will work with you to tailor your assignment if living on campus is advised. For further questions, please contact the Housing Office directly.

I have a disability. Who should I talk to about accommodations?   

Please refer all your accommodation questions or concerns to our Disability Services office. Housing will work with them to make sure your accommodations are met.

Getting sick

What happens if I get sick?  

FLC staff will be available to assist students who develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19. Where possible, those who test positive should arrange to complete their self-isolation at a permanent residence. If not possible, FLC will coordinate an appropriate location for self-isolation. Students requiring more extensive medical care will be treated as appropriate by medical professionals. In order to assist students better and give them the necessary support, students should contact the Health Center at 970-247-7355 and complete the COVID support form.

What happens if my roommate or someone else living near me gets sick?   

Students who develop symptoms will isolate at a separate location that will be provided to them, until test results are available. You will be notified only if, through contact tracing done in partnership with our local health department, you have been identified as someone who is at risk and should be monitoring your own symptoms and interactions more carefully. Otherwise, the information about the health status of other students and community members is confidential unless they chose to share it themselves.

Can I cancel my contract without penalty if I get sick?  

We are unable to cancel your housing contract due to illness. If this is a concern of yours, we highly suggest you consider getting tuition insurance. Read more about tuition insurance.

Contact Student Housing

For the fastest response to housing-related questions, contact Student Housing directly.

Email or call 970-247-7503. Please leave a message if no one answers your call, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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