FLC Together

FLC student looking off into the distance over Durango while standing on edge of campus

Ours has always been a culture of creative fortitude and adventure, and now, in the face of unprecedented circumstances, we’re building a culture of safety and accountability through the FLC Together pledge. To create a unified return to campus, every member of the Skyhawk community will sign the FLC Together pledge, and take protective measures to honor their pledge on and off campus.

  • All students, faculty and staff will complete the Health Awareness Certification (HAC) before returning to campus in August 2020 and again in January 2021.
  • All community members will participate in training exercises to learn the required safety practices and navigate the new normal on campus. 
  • All will monitor for and report all symptoms of COVID-19 to the appropriate campus authorities. 
  • All will practice critical personal safety practices including wearing face coverings, enhanced personal hygiene practices including frequent hand washing and sanitizer use, adhering to safe social distancing practices and following all safety instructions and signage. 
  • All will participate in testing and contact tracing under prescribed protocols.

Here's what you do


Take the online course now. It will only take about an hour to complete, will provide you valuable information, and will let you get started with your semester at FLC! 

New first-year and transfer students: you'll take the course as part of your online Orientation.

Download the FLC app for symptom tracking



  1. Read the standards for working on campus.
  2. Complete the Health Awareness Certification (HAC).
  3. Use the Fort Lewis College app to track symptoms each time you come to campus. It's a convenient and greener way to use a symptom checklist.


For supervisors

In addition to the steps above, please review the supervisor checklist.