FLC Together

FLC student looking off into the distance over Durango while standing on edge of campus

Ours has always been a culture of creative fortitude and adventure, and now, in the face of unprecedented circumstances, we’re building a culture of safety and accountability through the FLC Together pledge. To create a unified return to campus, every member of the Skyhawk community will sign the FLC Together pledge, and take protective measures to honor their pledge on and off campus.

All new students, faculty and staff will complete the Health Awareness Certification (HAC) before coming to campus in January 2022.

Here's what you do


New first-year, transfer, and returning students: You'll complete the course before classes begin on January 17, 2022. 


Continuing students: If you took the HAC last year, you don't need to do it again.

Download the FLC app for symptom tracking

New employees

For supervisors

In addition to the steps above, please review the supervisor checklist.