Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with the FLC App

Screen shot of FLC mobile appThe FLC App is one of many virus mitigation tools you’ll use to prevent the spread of COVID-19—every day, wear your mask, keep physical distance from others, practice good hygiene, and use the FLC App.

The FLC App is where you will:

  • track symptoms to get your daily Health Pass;
  • scan classroom QR codes;
  • and schedule your free COVID-19 test.

Download the FLC App

•    Apple App Store
•    Google Play

Need a smartphone? We have Wi-Fi-only smartphones available for loan, free of charge, if you don’t have your own smartphone to run the app. 

Complete the required Daily Pre-Screening before coming to campus

The Daily Pre-Screening feature on the FLC App is required daily for in-person engagement on campus. 

  • From the homescreen in the FLC App, select the Pre-Screening & Self-Reporting Forms button.
  • Select answers from the prompts and submit.
  • Return to the homescreen.
  • To display your Health Pass, swipe the top banner to the second slide; tap Health Pass. Or, from the homescreen, tap the My Profile icon in the bottom menu; tap the Health & Wellness option; tap My Health Pass.

If you do not identify any COVID-related symptoms, you will receive a green Health Pass. A green Health Pass allows you to engage in person on campus (attend classes in person, utilize the Student Life Center, library, San Juan Dining, etc.).

If you identify any COVID-related symptoms on the app, you will receive a red Health Pass. If you are experiencing symptoms you will need to test for COVID-19 at the FLC testing site and return to in-person engagement once receiving a negative test result.

Contact tracing on your phone

Image of QR code for contact tracing

Contact Tracing QR codes are placed around campus in places that people will be gathering, including:

  • classrooms
  • dining halls
  • lounges, and
  • computer labs


The QR codes serve 2 purposes:

  1. Contact tracing: FLC Health Officials may use the information gathered to determine if people have been exposed and should take an action such as being tested or self-isolating. 
  2. Check-in: They may be used to facilitate check-in in places such as the Student Life Center and San Juan Dining Room in the Union. When a QR code is scanned with the FLC mobile application it will display the daily health certificate, green for OK to be on campus, red for do not come to campus or do not leave your residence hall room. 

Scan the QR code

image of QR scanner feature on FLC appOpen the Fort Lewis College mobile app, press the icon in the upper left-hand corner, and your camera will open. Point it at the QR code and it will automatically take a picture of the code.  After successfully scanning, the app will show your Daily Health Certificate.

Schedule a free COVID-19 test

To schedule a COVID-19 test through the FLC App, tap the Student Life/Employee Life icon in the bottom menu. Select the COVID testing button; this will redirect to the FLC Primary Bio registration website.

Fort Lewis College offers free COVID-19 testing for all students and employees. The testing site is located at the FLC Stadium Parking Lot, and it is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon.

Q & A

Do faculty have to require students to scan before coming into a classroom?

It is strongly recommended for faculty to require scanning before entering their classroom. In large classrooms, QR codes will be placed on individual desks to speed up class entry. Scanning the QR code verifies that the students have a green daily health certificate. Faculty may also ask their students in the classroom or office to display their My Daily Health Certificate.

What happens if someone has a red daily health certificate?

If you have a red daily health certificate, you have either not completed the daily pre-symptom check since midnight, or you have answered that you are displaying possible symptoms. If you have a red daily health certificate and are a student, please contact the Health Center. If you are an employee, do not come to campus and contact your supervisor. The app will supply the appropriate contact information for students.

How is the data being stored and is my privacy safe?

The data is being stored on the secure server of our vendor, ReadyEducation. The storage and application meet HIPPA requirements and only the FLC health officials have access to the data. The data may be shared with contact tracing health officials such as San Juan Basin Health.

Will my individual data be shared or displayed?

An individual’s data will only be displayed to the authorized health officials. Individual data may be aggregated and used in reporting and charts to analyze contact tracing and application usage. No individual data will be made public.