Keep doing what you're doing

September 18, 2020

Dear FLC community,

Our hard work is paying off. Each day we come to campus for in-person learning is both a small victory to be celebrated and a reminder that we have to continue to be vigilant. It’s more important than ever that we continue to lead and role model for each other the pillars of mitigation that are working: mask wearing, distancing and avoiding socializing in groups, symptom tracking, and testing. This is the time to dig in, not let up. Thank you for keeping your peers and your colleagues safe.

While other institutions have unfortunately had struggles with mitigation recently, we’ve been both lucky and benefiting from everyone’s hard work and dedication. While no institution is exempt from the unpredictable nature of this pandemic, we’ve shown that Fort Lewis College is one of the most nimble. It is hard to be nimble and to make these necessary shifts, but we can keep going and we will.

Our community has embodied a culture of care; we realize that we all don’t share the same stakes. Some of us have at-risk loved ones at home or are from communities that have been greatly affected. We’ve shown respect for each other and the different ways each of us are experiencing this pandemic.

We’ve also done an amazing job utilizing the tools that help us effectively monitor the spread of disease — and we can do even more.

  • Keep up with using the daily symptom tracker in the FLC App: Honestly assess your health and stay home if you log any symptoms. We have staff ready to support you with care options and remote access to your work or learning.
  • Participate in random testing: The more we test, the more we know. Random testing helps us identify and treat any asymptomatic positive COVID-19 cases before the burden of spread disrupts our in-person term.

Our response hasn’t and won’t be perfect as we continue to adapt through this pandemic. But I’m so proud of how we’ve handled this together and inspired by your persistence.

Be safe this weekend and keep doing what you’re doing. Let’s keep on, Skyhawks!

Best, Tom

Tom Stritikus
Fort Lewis College