New "safer at home" phase announced by Governor Polis

Dear FLC employees,

After scientific modeling and analysis of how the stay-at-home efforts of all Coloradans have impacted the spread of the virus, new guidance is beginning to roll out from the state. Announced today by Governor Polis, Colorado will be transitioning from “stay at home” to a “safer at home” phase after the expiration of the current order (April 26). More details will be coming from the Governor’s Office in the coming days about this new stabilization phase and how it affects different types of organizations or businesses. Sustainable and responsible strategies to achieve our important public health goals will be phased in throughout Colorado and across different industries from April 27 – May 4, and for some, even later than that. Governor Polis emphasized today that employers should keep maximizing telecommuting and limit in-person interactions, that reopening certain types of businesses and functions will be with limits and precautions, and that our most vulnerable populations are advised to continue to stay at home with the same discipline.

We are in a marathon of effort, not a sprint, and we may need to respond differently over time, or by region. We will wait for the coming detailed guidance and clarify for FLC employees what this means for you and our campus operations.

Thank you for your patience and stay safe!