Online instruction for remainder of spring semester

March 19, 2020

Dear FLC,
We have been working extremely hard the last few days, formulating and updating plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During such unprecedented circumstances, community is one thing we can all lean into for support. Especially your FLC family.

Just like we take care of each other as Skyhawks, we need to care for others in our communities and take necessary actions to protect the health of all. County and state public health officials are operating under the assumption that COVID-19 is spreading in Colorado communities, even those that don’t have positive cases confirmed by medical professionals. We are encouraged as individuals and organizations to stop the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable in our community.

The best option for community health at this time is to extend our online instruction for the remainder of the semester. This was not an easy decision and we are aware of the many ripple effects that come with it.

What this means for FLC:

  • To give our faculty and students ample time to prepare for online instruction, classes are canceled all of next week, March 23-27. Online instruction for the remainder of the semester will begin March 30. We will maintain our academic calendar, with the semester ending May 1.
  • We will hold graduation, but it will be postponed with the exact dates and plans to be determined.
  • Our faculty and staff are amazing and we know they will make the most of this situation to ensure that everyone learns and finishes for these last six weeks of the semester. Our faculty and staff will use next week to prepare students for online instruction; for example, we will work to help students with issues such as technology access.
  • Students who live in Campus Housing are advised to return to their permanent home. Housing staff will communicate directly with campus residents regarding the process to retrieve belongings and check out. Students who do not have alternative accommodations may stay; the details of the essential services provided for those residents, including dining services, health services, and study spaces, will follow.
  • All student services will be offered virtually. Information has been updated under the Q&A on the FLC coronavirus webpage.
  • Effective immediately, employees whose work responsibilities can be accomplished remotely will now telework. Employees who have essential duties on campus will still report but will work under social distancing guidelines. Connect with your supervisor for more details. HR will also send more information by the end of the day.
  • All campus events will now be moved online or canceled.
  • Gatherings, guests, and visitors are not permitted on campus at this time.

We know this news will raise many questions for you. We’ve assembled many of these questions online and will continue to field and answer questions as they arise. We also have a team ready to assist on things from academic polices, housing options, financial pressures, mental health support, and more. Just email or call 970-382-6919.

We know that this will not be easy. Each of us is challenged by this situation and it’ll be tiring as we endure, but we will endure together. Focus on what you have control over and how we can make this work together. We need to unify not only around our responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but our responsibility to each other as Skyhawks.