Continue accommodations online

If you are a student registered with Disability Services (DS), your Course Eligibility Letter of Accommodations has been shared with your instructors, electronically, via AIM. Stay in touch with DS staff members and your instructors to ensure accommodations are in place within the course’s online environment. The DS and Testing Center are not able to administer and proctor exams online but will continue to support your instructors and you.

Communicate with your instructors

Engage with your instructors prior to taking an exam/quiz in this new environment to assure there is clear understanding of accommodations and how they will be delivered in the online environment. Recognize that, for some instructors, providing accommodations online is all new. Proactive discussion can lead to the best experience for both your instructors and you.


Disability Services and Teaching & Learning Services are available to consult with instructors about how to facilitate some of the more unique exam accommodations (ex. auditory format of an exam, use of assistive technology, etc.).

For a list of applications to aid with accessibility for iOS, Mac and Windows platforms please visit the accessibility apps for devices page

If you feel as though you are not receiving your accommodations, please contact Disability Services staff at (970) 247-7383 or email