Preparing to learn remotely

As of March 30, all classes at Fort Lewis College will be held online through the end of the Spring 2020 term. Your courses are now available in Canvas, and your instructors are working during this time to build out the learning activities, materials and assignments to allow you to complete your coursework from an off-campus (remote) location. They will contact you about any specific course changes.

Find additional resources here to help you transition to learning online. Check back for future updates as we continue to respond to this unprecedented situation. Many of the linked resources will take you to other educational websites (such as Purdue University). All of the resources have been vetted, and we think you will find these useful, even if they have not been generated by FLC.

Please continue to stay abreast of FLC's adaptive response to COVID-19.

FLC students on online classes

Transitioning smoothly

Starting March 30, all FLC courses are hosted on Canvas, our learning management system (LMS). You can access all of your courses using TheFort and logging into Canvas with your FLC ID and password.

Course materials

All aspects of your course will be online (discussions, assignments, labs, activities, etc.), housed in Canvas. Watch your FLC email and announcements in each course in Canvas for updates from your instructor, and review Canvas early to be sure you can find what you need to complete your courses successfully.

Review your syllabus for changes

Check out your revised “Completion Syllabus” and schedule in your Canvas course. It will include information on the best way to contact your faculty, what your assignments and due dates are, how you can access course materials, etc...and understand there may still be additional changes. Spring 2020 is an unprecedented situation because of COVID-19. We are all planning as much as possible, but some things may change as the situation evolves. Check your Canvas course and updated course syllabus for new information on the following:

  • How will you communicate in your online course with your instructor and with your classmates? What are your instructor’s expectations regarding course communication?
  • Are there any other tools being used outside of Canvas? If yes, check your access to these tools to ensure you can use them where you are located.
  • How will you complete and submit learning activities (e.g. assignments, quizzes) and how will that work receive feedback and/or be assessed? How have deadlines changed?
  • Asynchronous delivery (not “live”) is being encouraged as much as possible to provide stable content regardless of anyone’s Internet access and speed. Should your instructor decide to use Zoom, a Canvas web-conferencing tool for some elements of the course, you will need to follow the link they provide in order to access each “meeting.” You will be able to see the Zoom LTI Pro link in the left navigation bar in each course. Test these methods early and let your instructor know immediately if you have problems.

As an FLC student, you have free access to programs such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, by installing Office 365 on your personal device. Find tech support to access your materials with FLC's Information Technology department (IT). IT has also created Remote Learning guidelines to help you answer any of your IT-related questions.

See tips for success online

Thank you to Purdue University for sharing their resources, many of which appear on these pages, to support online learning.