Resources for Students

If you are a student with concerns about potential difficulties with alcohol or other drugs, you are not alone. College can be both a wonderful and demanding time of life, and many people use drugs or alcohol to cope….or just to “have a good time.” Of course, using alcohol and drugs can be fun, but overuse can lead to academic problems, relationship difficulties, problems with motivation, legal trouble, changes in health status, and other consequences that can be surprising and challenging.

It is crucial to find others - either peers or professionals – who understand your concerns and can support you in making responsible and healthy choices. There are many different services and activities on the Fort Lewis Campus. The key is to know where to find them. Don’t wait!

  • Get involved! The Leadership Center can connect you to other students who are interested in a variety of clubs and organizations from student government to academic clubs to juggling and office chair racing. Make something happen on campus – and have fun doing it! Call 247-7394 for more information or stop by and visit them at 112 Student Union Building.
  • Confidential individual and group counseling for any issue (relationships, homesickness, difficulty in school, depression or anxiety, concerns about substances) is available at the Counseling Center on campus. The first four individual sessions are free for full-time Fort Lewis College students. Call 247-7212 for information or to make an appointment.
  • Altered States Group (free and open to all students) meets weekly and is a safe space to explore many topics including (but not limited to): mindfulness, meditation, Shamanism, Substance use, relationships, your journey through FLC; call 247-7212 to get day/time and more information.
  • AA meetings close to campus for college students; call 247-7212 for more information.
  • Outdoor Pursuits has regularly scheduled trips and other programs (clinics, slide shows) that can help you get safely involved with outdoor activities. Meet others who are interested also – and learn enough to plan your own trips outdoors! Call 247-7293.
  • Your Residence Hall Directors and Assistants are always available to discuss concerns. They can assist you in finding other resources as well as answer questions and serve as support.

The Health and Wellness Collaborative contributes to a healthy college community that models a life-long commitment to mental, physical, and social health.

Health and Wellness Collaborative