General FAQs

Q: What is Skyhawk Alert?

A: Skyhawk Alert is an emergency notification system that allows Fort Lewis College to quickly communicate health and safety-related emergency information via text message or email.

Q: What is e2Campus?

A: Skyhawk Alert is powered by the e2Campus mass notification system. The e2Campus solution allows designated College administrators to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile phones, email, and/or pagers of Skyhawk Alert subscribers — regardless of geographic location.

Q: Will I receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my mobile phone or email account?

A: No. Skyhawk Alert and e2Campus enforces a ZERO SPAM policy that clearly prohibits unsolicited messages. Furthermore e2Campus cannot or will not sell the contact information of Skyhawk Alert subscribers to third party marketers.

Q: Will this cost me anything?

A: Maybe. Depending on your wireless carrier provider and the plan you have, you may be charged a fee to receive SMS text messages. For those with unlimited text messaging plans, there would be no additional charge.

Q: What is a selective mass notification system?

A: A selective mass notification system is defined as a platform to deliver a notification to an entire audience by all means necessary; therefore creating comprehensive coverage to increase the odds that a particular subscriber received the notification in a timely manner. Subscribers can be notified immediately by text message or email based on their notification preferences.

Q: What is a notification?

A: A notification is defined as a form of communication that delivers descriptive information about news or an event, unlike a bell or siren that communicates little information. For Skyhawk Alert, a notification will arrive in the form of a text message or email, based on your message delivery selections.

Skyhawk Alert/E2Campus Account FAQs

Q: Why do I have to/need to login twice to get to my Skyhawk Alert account?

A: Fort Lewis College requires a username and password for login to ensure that you are affiliated with the College in some way. However, for security/privacy purposes, e2Campus uses their own set of usernames and passwords for access to their system.

Q: Can I change my contact preferences?

A: Yes. You can log into your account using your e2Campus account name and password to change your account settings and add different email addresses or phone numbers.

Q: How do I opt-out (remove myself) from receiving e2Campus alerts?

A: To opt-out, simply log into the e2Campus system log into your account to opt-out for e2Campus alerts for your school. You may opt-out of email alerts only, SMS alerts only, or the entire service.

Q: How do I control how I receive notifications?

A: You are given an opportunity to choose whether you want to receive notifications via cell phone text message or by email. You can also specify one other alternate contact number and email address.

Q: Can I receive Skyhawk Alert notifications somewhere else besides a pager or cell phone?

A: e2Campus lets you specify up to two email addresses for notifications to be sent to. E2Campus also offers an RSS feed for Skyhawk Alert notifications, so you can add it to your news/RSS reader or personalized home page/blog.

Enrolling in Skyhawk Alert

Q: How do I sign up for e2Campus alerts?

A: If you are a student or employee you may sign up through the Skyhawk Alert web site to sign up for e2Campus. Log into the Skyhawk Alert site with your username and password and follow the simple setup process. Once you are finished, the system will send you a test message to ensure you have correctly entered your information.

Q: Does the service work on multiple cell phone networks?

A: Yes. e2Campus is a cross-carrier service.

Q: Do I need to install software on my phone?

A: No. e2Campus uses industry standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

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