The Student Life Center Considerations beginning May 12th.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask/face covering when entering the SLC and must be worn at all times in the SLC.

SLC Building Entry Requirements

All patrons are strongly encouraged to come to the facility dressed for their workout. Due to the need to physical distance, use of the locker rooms is discouraged. Shower areas will not be available. Lockers will not be available for use of storage of belongings.

Everyone will need to stay physically distanced at all time (at least 6 feet apart).

Users must complete the Health Screening on the FLC App each time they visit the campus. If a user has any COVID-19 symptoms, they cannot visit the SLC.

Weight Room and Cardio Rooms

Some strength and cardio equipment has been removed while other equipment has been spaced out and\or relocated throughout the facility.

Spotting patrons utilizing weight equipment will not be allowed to encourage physical distancing.

Climbing Wall

Will be open for bouldering with physical distancing.


No daily guest passes will be allowed for purchase until further notice. Alumni passes will be temporarily discontinued.

Household memberships will be temporarily discontinued.

SLC Cleaning Services

The SLC staff will be increasing cleaning throughout the SLC. Additionally, patrons will be required to disinfect or clean surfaces and equipment they come in contact with after each use. Disinfectant bottles and rags will be placed throughout the facility. It is strongly encouraged that you wipe down equipment prior to use as well.

These operating guidelines are subject to change.