Community standards documents

Find helpful resources on safety information and student housing procedures. These documents further detail the campus rules and policies every student must know and follow:

Housing Department Learning Outcomes

Purpose of Student Housing:

  • Provide a quality living and learning experience for the campus community.
  • Foster community, celebrate diversity, maximize facilities, and focus on individual growth for residents and student staff.

Assessments of Student Housing:

  • Assess experiences, satisfaction levels, and learning outcomes of residents, guests, and student staff.
  • Use a variety of methods for assessments, such as annual surveys, analysis of reports and trends, event evaluations, process debriefs, and focus groups.
  • Assess specific learning outcomes related to various aspects of residence life.

Sample Learning Outcomes:

  • Residents involved in disciplinary action for drug and alcohol incidents will learn to make balanced life choices and decrease their incidence of similar conduct.
  • Residents who participate in Living Learning Communities or Faculty in Residence programs will establish positive relations with program faculty and staff.
  • First-year campus residents will establish a positive sense of social competence during their first academic year.
  • Resident Assistants will be proficient at using tools to identify resident needs and utilize information to improve the residence life community.
  • Resident Assistants will identify an awareness of diversity and articulate how to contribute to an inclusive social climate.