Check out of your residence hall

You can find closing information on bulletin boards in residence halls and door tags on entry doors. You’ll also receive closing information in your FLC email account and by text in the weeks leading up to finals. You’ll check out at the end of Fall and Spring semesters, before the residence halls close. You needn’t check out for fall or spring break.

Residence halls close the Friday after finals, at 1 p.m.

Note: On-campus apartments stay open during winter break.

Checkout in three steps

Step 1

Report damages

Report damages to your apartment, room, or suite that occurred since move-in. In completing the form, you’ll be able to attach photos and indicate responsible parties. This will help Housing staff determine who is responsible, but is not a guarantee of any specific outcome. We will determine any charges during walk-through after closing. Charges are determined based on time and materials required to address the damage.

Step 2

Prepare your space for Checkout

Winter Break Checkout

Remove all trash from your space and any perishable items from your refrigerator. If you live in a suite, please remove all items from bathroom counters and showers to prepare the space for cleaning. Select cleaning supplies are available to borrow from the hall office during finals week.

Moving out

Your room is ready for Checkout when it meets the following standards:

  • All personal belongings are removed from room and space.
  • All department furniture is in the space, set up as it was when you moved in.
  • Desk, drawers, cabinets, and window sills are thoroughly cleaned.
  • ALL items are removed from the walls, ceiling, cabinets, drawers, doors and windows.
  • ALL trash is removed and the trash/recycle bins are thoroughly cleaned.
  • The carpet is vacuumed and/or tile is swept and mopped clear of all debris.
  • Turn off lights, close blinds, and close and lock windows and doors when you leave.
  • IF APPLICABLE: Lofted beds are delofted. The rented Loft Kit (two bed ends, two support bars)/bed rails are placed next to the delofted bed. (Rubber mallets are available to borrow from the hall office.)
  • IF APPLICABLE: if you borrowed a landline phone for your room, you have returned it to the hall office.

Suites/apartments only:

  • The department fridge and microwave are left plugged in.
  • ALL items/trash is removed from all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers, refrigerators, microwaves, and showers.
  • The inside and outside of the microwave, refrigerator, drawers, cabinets, showers, toilets, stove, oven, and counters in kitchen and bathroom are emptied and thoroughly cleaned.

*Note: You will be charged if you leave items in your space for Housing staff to remove.

Step 3

Express Checkout

Return a completed Express Checkout envelope to the mailbox by your hall office and insert your room/suite keys if applicable. Submit your Express Checkout envelope as your very last step, since your card access to the building will be turned off.

Checkout envelopes

Checkout envelopes will be hung on your entry door prior to finals week. If you lose your checkout envelope, you can find additional envelopes next to your hall’s Express Checkout mailbox, or request one from hall staff.

For Assistance

Housing staff are in the hall office Monday through Friday of finals week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to assist with questions, and borrowing supplies.

Housing staff are available 24/7 through the hall duty phone, starting the last day of classes through closing. Please keep in mind that the staff monitoring this phone are also taking finals. Please do not call between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. unless it is an emergency.

Student Housing’s main office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, for students and families with questions. Call 970-247-7503.

Additional information

Mail forwarding

After closing, any mail received will be sent to your permanent address as listed in your student files. Update this in WebOPUS as needed.

Summer housing

If you are a current student who is returning in the fall or taking summer classes, you may be eligible to live on campus through the summer. You’ll be emailed your housing assignment with directions for summer check-in. Apply online for summer housing.

Donate your unwanted stuff

Keep your unwanted non-perishable food, usable clothing, and household items out of landfills and in the hands of FLC students who can make good use of them. Make sure that any items you drop off are in good, usable condition. Please do not drop off broken, soiled, or stained clothing or household items. And no foam bed toppers, please.

Collection locations

Wednesday (12 p.m. - 5 p.m.), Thursday (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.), and Friday (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) of finals week, you can drop off your items at three collection locations:

  • On the north side of Cooper Hall by the West Campus A parking lot
  • On the walkway between Animas and Mears
  • Between Bader A and Centennial 1000

COVID safety:

  • All visitors to the collection station must have a green health pass – do not visit the stations if you are feeling sick.
  • Do not donate any items if you or anyone in your household or residence room have been sick in the last 10 days.

For questions, or to volunteer, contact Marty Pool at the Environmental Center: or 970-247-7091.

Campus Dining

Campus Dining is open through breakfast on the Friday of finals week.