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Apply to be a Residence Director

FLC's campus and iconic clocktower under a blanket of snow in winter

As a Residence Director, your goal is to ensure that the students living in your residence hall get the most out of their FLC education. You’ll work to encourage our students to engage in the many opportunities on and off campus, and stay safe in the process. You’ll gain valuable professional experience including project management, personnel management, and administrative opportunities. And you’ll gaze upon the La Plata mountains or over the picturesque town of Durango as you step out your front door into our beautiful campus.

Position overview

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Each year, we begin hiring for RDs in January and conduct interviews in through the spring, making hiring decisions in April. As an RD, you’ll begin your 12-month position in mid-July. During the summer, you’ll serve as a conference manager, as the campus transforms into a site for (mostly) youth programs. As such, you’ll support our guests in their accommodations. As summer wraps up, students arrive again on campus, and you’ll step into your core role for the remainder of the year.

  • Schedule & holidays
  • Compensation
  • Professional development
  • Staff Team
  • Pets, partners & pursuit of life goals
Schedule & holidays

This is a 40 hour/week position, with some weekend work as RDs cycle through a shared schedule of weekend duties. The college uses an atypical holiday schedule to support the semester schedule.


Your compensation includes a $35,600 salary, furnished apartment, meal plan (Dining Services is open according to the semester schedule), and a full benefits package.

Professional development

You’ll have the opportunity to serve on regional committees in the Association of Intern-Mountain Housing Officers, should you choose, and lots of opportunities within the college. The Associate Director will work with you to match projects and assignments to your professional development goals. This can include work on Title IX issues, follow up with concerning student behavior, student organization advising, staff training, and more. All RDs receive extensive training throughout the year, starting with a three-week training in August.

Staff Team

You are not alone. There are eight RDs—one in each residential community. Most residence hall communities are made up of 140-180 students and served by a team of four to six Resident Assistants (RAs) for a total of 38 RAs campus-wide. Additionally, there are four Desk Assistants, a Faculty-in-Residence, and an Adventure House Coordinator.

Meet the RDs

Pets, partners & pursuit of life goals

How does this job fit into the rest of your life? Talk with the Associate Director about pets on campus—we have adjusted our standard policies to accommodate staff who live on campus. With the Associate Director’s approval, RDs can have live-in partners. It has been our experience that living together on campus can be a stressful situation and can be challenging for new relationships. We ask that the relationship be established at least one year prior to living together on campus. The RD’s partner, although not employed by the college, becomes a community member which carries some responsibility. The RD assumes responsibility for their partner meeting these expectations. While the RD position is a full-time job, it’s not uncommon for some of our RDs to be enrolled in graduate programs.


A community of individuals

FLC students sitting around outside on campus

Over half of FLC students are people of color, and around 40% are Native American or Alaska Native from nearly 180 tribes and villages. Additionally, Latinx students, LGBTQIA+, international, nontraditional, veteran students—and so many more folks from all walks of life keep our campus community bright and vibrant. While our Diversity Collaborative demonstrates our institutional commitment to build diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of learning and student life, our campus culture supports this at every step.