Understanding course information

The course delivery definitions are below. Synchronous means "happens at the same time". Asynchronous means "doesn’t happen at the same time".

  • Online: Courses offered via the internet using Canvas. 100% of course activity is done online with no required on-campus meetings. Online courses may include optional synchronous online meetings or assignments.
  • Live Online: Faculty and Students meet synchronously via Zoom for all instructional hours; no in-person classroom meetings. Students must be prepared to meet online during all scheduled classroom times. Live Online courses hold most classes via Zoom, but can also include some alternative synchronous and asynchronous online course activity.
  • Hybrid: Combines face-to-face classroom instruction with distance education activities (25-85% required synchronous).
  • Hyflex: Course delivered with fully remote option(s) – synchronous or asynchronous – along with regularly scheduled face-to-face classes, allowing students to transition seamlessly between the two learning environments.
  • Lecture, Lab, or Studio Art: Regular in-person classroom (because of COVID this could be all students meeting together every day OR split classes with students meeting in-person on alternating days).