How to create a plan

  1. Login to WebOPUS. 
  2. Select “Student Profile.” 
  3. Select “Registration.” 
  4. Select “Plan Ahead.” 
  5. Select the term you wish to plan.  
  6. Select “Create a Plan.” 
  7. You will be directed to a Search Criteria page. Click inside the “Subject” field to search subject areas or type in the subject. You can also add a specific course number, select “Search.” 
  8. Select “View Sections” to see class meeting times. 
  9. Once you’ve decided on a course, select “Add Course.”  
  10. Two panels will appear at the bottom of the page. Scroll through the left bottom panel to view the course on a weekly schedule. Review the schedule panel to ensure the course will fit in your schedule. The right bottom panel lets you know the status of the course.  
  11. Select “Save Plan” to officially add the course to your plan. Name your plan and select “Save.” When the course is added to your plan, you will also see the “Planned” status highlighted in green and the course in the left schedule panel will be color-coded.  
  12. To add another course, select “Catalog Search Results” and “Search Again” to return to the Search Criteria page.  
  13. Repeat steps 7-11.