How to run a degree audit

The degree audit system helps you in keep track of your progress toward a degree. The audit is a snapshot of your academic history and includes all degree requirements, in-progress courses, transfer credits, and more.

*As of Spring 2021, there's a new process to run a degree audit; watch these videos for details. 

Watch this - How to run and read a degree audit

  1. To run a degree audit go to WebOPUS
  2. Select "My Student Profile" menu
  3. Select "My Degree Audit" link
  4. Select "Open u.achieve Suite" link
  5. Select "Run Declared Programs"
  6. Select "View Audit" (right-hand side)
  7. Begin to review your requirements as your scroll down the page. 

Note: Red = missing requirements; Blue = In-progress to be completed; Green = Completed