Using the Banner 9 registration system

To register, you'll use the new and improved (as of Spring 2021) registration system in WebOPUS. Get to it by using the Registration link in the the My Student Profile section. Your registration menu includes five options:

Watch this tutorial video to help you register for classes.

Prepare for Registration

Here you can see your student status, academic standing, any registration holds on your account and your registration time.

Plan Ahead

Create up to 2 plans per term once the schedule of classes is turned on for viewing. When you use this feature, you can export your whole plan into registration, making that process a breeze.

View Registration Information

View your current schedule and any past schedules. You will also be able to review your schedule for next semester, once you have completed your class registration. You can download or email your schedule.

Register for Classes

Register for classes individually, or import the plan you created using the Plan Ahead tool.

Browse Classes

Take a look at what’s offered at FLC. You’ll see the schedule of all sections of all classes by term.