How to search for courses

Two methods to search for classes in WebOPUS

1) Basic Search Option

  1. From “My Student Profile” click on “Registration” and then “Browse Classes”. 
  2. Select the proper term and click “Continue”. 
  3. Type the full name or abbreviation (ex: Psychology = PSYC) of the subject and then click to confirm the choice.  (Note: multiple subjects may be selected at once) 
    • The specific Course Number may be added to limit search results. 
    • If “Open Sections Only” is selected, only sections with available seats will be shown. 
  4. Click “Search” 

2) Advanced Search Option

  1. From the Basic Search function (above), click on “Advanced Search”.  The searchable criteria will then expand to include options such as instructor, attributes, days of the week, etc. 
  2. From here, enter the search criteria in the appropriate field and then select “Search” 
  3. To do a second advanced search (or basic search), first select “Clear” to remove previous selections and reset the form. 
  4. Examples of advanced searches: 
    • Liberal Arts Core 
      • Click within the “Attributes (incl LAC)” field and either select the appropriate attribute from the list that populates or type the full name or abbreviation (ex: Social & Behavioral Sciences = SS1 – SS3) of the attribute and select “Search”. 
      • LAC Abbreviations: 
        • AH1-AH4 = Arts and Humanities 
        • CO1 = Introductory Composition 
        • CO2 = Intermediate Composition 
        • CO3 = Advanced Composition 
        • HI1 = History 
        • MA1 = Mathematics 
        • SC1 = Science with a Lab 
        • SC2 = Science without a Lab 
        • SS1-SS3 = Social & Behavioral Science 
    • Instructor 
      • Click within the “Instructor” field and either select the instructor’s name from the list that populates or type in their name and select “Search”.