To calculate your GPA yourself, download one of these Excel templates and input your course information. These will do the calculations for you.

GPA Calculator
GPA Repair Calculator

Alternatively, to calculate your GPA yourself, follow these steps:

  • List all the courses you are taking this term in the worksheet. (Do NOT include TRS courses--they are not a part of your GPA.)
  • List each course's credit value.
  • Add up the total number of credits you are taking this semester.
  • Fill in the letter grade you expect to earn in each class.
  • Convert the letter grade to a numeric grade: (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
  • Courses graded with S (satisfactory), NC (no credit), I (incomplete), etc. do not earn quality points.
  • Multiply the credits for each class by the numeric grade to get the quality points for each class.
  • Add up the total quality points for all your classes.
  • Divide your total quality points by your total number of credits. This number is the GPA you are predicting for yourself for this semester.

You may also use this online GPA Calculator. Please note that this calculator is APPROXIMATE, as it rounds the grade point designations.